Philips Wireless Headphones

  Fullywired 17:19 15 Oct 2005

Hey guys!

Last week (08.10.05) i went to the NCM computer fair in manchester, i purchased a pair of Philips HC 8650 Wireless headphones for £30 from a company called PCL (Perhipial Components Limited) but when i got home they didn't work, the problem was that they would not tune into the base, also the instructions had clearly been photocopied. i took them back this weekend (15.10.05) and the guy had none left, so instead, he exchanged them for the Philips HC 8520 Wireless headphones (which were supposed to be £5 more expensive) for no extra charge, he showed me the genuine Philips instructions and i agreed to the exchange. however, when i got half way back home to doncaster, i realized that he hadn't supplied me with the Power adaptor (CS 030/00) on the 3.5mm audio jack cable!

there is no way i can get back to manchester again next weekend without it costing me more than the headphones are worth and the phone numbers supplied are just repeatedly ringing and no one has yet answered.

Does anyone know if this company trade at Doncaster computer fair which is still part of NCM, otherwise, what should i do? keep trying the company or just go directly to Philips?



  Chegs ® 17:24 15 Oct 2005

If its just a PSU you require,most moulded types work.I have a set of Philips Wireless Headphones,I also have amassed a few of the PSU's to power 12V gear,and when the Philips unit expired,I simply swapped to another one.The units are as cheap as £5 to buy.

  Stuartli 17:49 15 Oct 2005

Mains adapters by Lloydtron, Connect and similar brands (I think they are all produced by the same firm) cost just £1.99 from a local B and M Discount store. Electrical shops sell the same adapters for at least three times the price.

I've got several of these adapters for various radios, cassette and CD players etc.

  Fullywired 19:17 15 Oct 2005

i think i may have some 12V supply adaptors and i certainly have the audio cable but i was usure of the current, the philips adapter is supposed to run at 200mA and the adapters i have do not state the current! also the manual clearly states to use ONLY the philips adaptor!



  Chegs ® 20:24 15 Oct 2005

It maybe does state ONLY,but the device will only draw what it needs.I have used my headphones from a battery(Lead Acid)which can supply 10's of amps,the haedphones still worked.The usual reason mfg state only use their stuff,is so they can sell it at a hiked price.

  Fullywired 20:37 15 Oct 2005

okies! i'll give it a go! thanks alot. i'll still go and have a nice argument with the guy that sold me it when i get to the Doncaster computer fair!



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