Philips Freeline LS2200 Help Neede

  Mark_VTS 14:51 21 Feb 2006

Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me....
Basically i bought one of these machines from Currys. Got it home worked fine. Hard drive failed and tried to recover using the F10 as suggested. All the files were not there so wouldnt recover. Phoned there help desk number. They told me to format the drive. This was back on the 10th Jan. They said they would send backup cd's out..... this was 6 weeks ago. They still haven't arrived. Been the store, rang the line again, no one is willing to help, feel like just smashing the machine up. Its just sat there un-usable. I am wondering whether anyone has a copy of the recovery cd's they could copy for me or know where the drivers are for the hardware?

I am at the end of my teather with this now....

Thanks in advance

  rmcqua 14:57 21 Feb 2006

Take it back to the store with your receipt and demand a replacement or refund!

  Mark_VTS 15:04 21 Feb 2006

They wont give a refund, never use that group of companies. Bought it online and the stores say its nothing to do with them..... its currently been escalated to head office but I know nothign will happen. SO i am sat with an useable computer. If anyone has any recovery disks, i will pay for a copy of them.... im getting desperate now.....

  rmcqua 15:17 21 Feb 2006

OK, I didn't realise that you had bought it online.
I don't see how they can wriggle out of what seems to be clearly their responsibility. I wish you luck and can quite understand your frustration.
My experiences of exchanging faulty goods at Currys have been very different. Replacements offered on 2 occasions without quibble.

  Mark_VTS 15:20 21 Feb 2006

Yes its become very annoying! I am scouring all IT related message boards, someone must have a copy of them I can buy a copy of off them?

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