manrow 22:42 02 Mar 2008

This cd/dvd recorder on my Advent 7111 laptop will burn and play a cd but although it gives all the right indications it will not burn nor apparently play a dvd.

What do I do?

  MAJ 22:45 02 Mar 2008

Do you mean the SDVD 8820?

How old is the laptop, I assume the laptop is the same age?

If it's still within warranty, try getting the drive replaced. If it's older then the DVD laser could have died.

  MAJ 22:51 02 Mar 2008

How old is the laptop, I assume the *DRIVE* is the same age?

  manrow 22:56 02 Mar 2008

Sorry yes, the SDVD 8820, which is now out of warranty.

Would this be expensive to replace if necessary?

  MAJ 23:25 02 Mar 2008

Assuming the DVD laser is dead, you could buy a new drive from click here if you email them they will tell you if any drive is compatible with your laptop.

  manrow 08:09 05 Mar 2008

Thanks MAJ, I tried them but DriveMyLaptop are unable to trace a suitable replacement, and suggested that the DVD writer was only sold to PcWorld and Dell for inclusion in their own laptops. They further suggested I contact them. PcWorld have already had my laptop in for repair including a request to check DVD functions. PcWorld could only tell me in January last year that a software update would be notified to all owners 'shortly' I am still waiting!!

But asking Dell yesterday they offered a software update dated January 2007, which I have now downloaded, so lets see if that makes any difference. Obviously Dell still believe in customer service!

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