Phantom Read Only Jpeg Files

  jack 19:24 07 Jun 2005

I have been given a selection of images on a CD-R to prepare for a forthcoming slide show.
Some of which needed work done to them.
I loaded the images from the CD into my computer and proceeded to work those that needed it in PSP8.
The show needed then to be transferred to a flash card to view the show on TV via an image viewer[AverFotoPlay]
To do this I ran them through XATSHOW - Standard to regain the camera XIF attributes where those that have been edited would have lost them.
Part way through the copy process several [unedited] images threw up as 'Read Only' - With a Window denial message' and will not transfer . It turns out that of the 80 or so images all those after 57 are affected.

Looking at the properties, of such an image , the read only box remained empty.

The strange thing about this is as mentioned - they copied off CD into my machine OK and the modified set Burned to a new CD-R OK.
They have also copied to a Zip
So what is XAT seeing or not as the case may be?
And what can be done to get round the problem
So far I have tried ticking the Read only box, then unticking it and clicking on apply. - No Joy there
I have tried giving a new name and using save as -no joy there either.
I have also in Irfanview- converted a sample to BITMAP saving as to a new loctation then converting back to JPEG.
have tried also tranferring the images 'straight' without goinf through XAT.
Still the error massages come up.
The Media cards[ Compact and Smart] will not accept this group- giving various reasons
such as - 'data will be lost'.or 'Cannot Create Directory

So I then the image owner asked that they burn the offending group onto a new disk.
This is producnig similar results - or rather non
What do you think?

  hssutton 23:01 07 Jun 2005

Jack as I understand things AverFotoPlay will play jpgfrom any camera as a slideshow, so why bother putting them through xatshow. Also once the exif has been stripped from an image file nothing can replace it, so I fail to see what you mean.

Edit your images in PSP8 then transfer them directly to a flash card, AverFotoPlay should do the rest.

  jack 11:08 08 Jun 2005

The version of Aver I have reads XIF only.
When An image is edited the XIF data IS LOST
when in WIN 98.becuase WIN 98 pre dates XIF. it therefore does not recognise it.
Moving on to XP- it does know about XIF and images do tranfer. exceptrd edit images and composites that I make up for title and so on -here the XIF data, or rather a fudge that AVER or a camra will recognise as XIF in implanted to the images by XAT-Standard and XAT -PRO.
Try it some time Make a 'title page' up by combining
images adding text- and see if an XIF reader a camera will take it.

Allthis is an aside however that a batch of images that have not been edited, therre have retailev their XIF attributes will not trans fer to flash memory.
So far I have - transferred thme to ZIP,CD-R,Flash memory stick
But to a camera card they will not go on my computer or on 2 others -making three that I have tried
Ihave also printed out the 1st page in hexedecimal one of a 'good image and of a bad image to examine
so far can se no diference.
As each images reun to 65535 pages of Hex code I shall stop there - for now.

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