Phantom Page Scrolling

  DeeCee1669 17:44 22 Apr 2004

My problem is that when I am viewing a page on my monitor - it can be a web page, spreadsheet, word document etc, it scrolls further down the page by itself. If I scroll it back up it will often just move me back down again. As you can imagine, this can be very annoying if you are reading or working on a specific part of the page. I've had this problem for approx. 3 months now.
I have an Athlon 2000MHz processor, 256 Mb memory, 80 Gb hard drive, Windows XP, and no unusual software that I can think of.


  Curio 17:50 22 Apr 2004

Try checking for any stuck keyboard keys such as Scroll Lock, Pg up, Pg dn. You may have debris in the keyboard

  wee eddie 19:25 22 Apr 2004

I had a problem with the image moving up and down and slipping off links.

It seems to have been caused by a self created induced current.

I'll explain - To tidy my desk, I had wound the excess mouse cable many times around my hand and cinched it with an elastic band.

When I took the band off and had the mouse flex winding it's merry way wherever it would. The problem disappeared.

  DeeCee1669 04:04 23 Apr 2004

Thanks for your input. Not because of this problem, but I have recntly replaced my mouse and keyboard and the problem still remains.


  Simsy 05:50 23 Apr 2004

mosue and keyboard wireless?

If so it might be worth temp replacing them with conventional ones to eliminate spurious radio signals as the cause.



  DeeCee1669 10:13 23 Apr 2004

Nope, the keyboard and mouse aren't wireless.


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