Phantom Floppy B: Drive Appear in My Computer

  Air_Man 11:52 15 Aug 2006

I am just reinstalling XP Pro, and everything was fine until I installed the nVidia Chipset Driver Program, which comprised the below:

– nVidia SM Bus Driver
– nVidia Ethernet Driver
– IDE SW Driver

When I rebooted after installing these, according to My Computer, I now appear to have a Floppy B:. When double clicking, it just asks to me to insert a disk. I only have one floppy drive (A:) which is also in My Computer. Inserting a floppy into the drive, click A: shows the contents, but clicking B: still prompts for me to put a disk in.

Where is this phatom B: drive coming from. All my other drives (CD-RW, DVD-RW etc) are in My Computer and functioning fine.

I am using an ASUS A8N-SLi Premium MOBO.

It doesn't affect things, but is an annoyance really.

Any thoughts on what this can be and how to remove it?


  Stuartli 12:01 15 Aug 2006

The B drive was designated for another floppy drive, or one of the variants, in olden times..:-)

Key in Drive Letters into Help and Support and details of how to Remove a drive letter will be detailed.

  johndrew 12:15 15 Aug 2006

If you look in Chapter 4 of your mobo User Guide it will tell you how to set up all input devices and prioritise them.

FDD is classed as a legacy drive but I still use mine as a cheap method of moving small files around; guess I must be living in `olden times`!! :-)

  Air_Man 12:15 15 Aug 2006

Thx Stuartli,

I'll give it a go. I remeber the old days of A: and B: (had an Apple 2e with double 5.25" floppies and a green screen - oh, the good old days!!)

  Air_Man 12:28 15 Aug 2006

johndrew, I am happy with prioritising input devices (if you mean boot priority - e.g. Floppy, CD, HDD), but I cannot work out why a B: drive has appeared when I don't have one!

Just a niggley little thing, but with a clean intalls, I like to think at some point during the install I know everything is exactly as it should be - never lasts long tho ;-) Doing a system restore already - trying to find the bugger that is causing a MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION when booting.... Anyway, I digress....

FYI - after rolling back a bit, the B: has gone. I'll pickup installing an post whatever I find to be causing it/both.

  johndrew 12:39 15 Aug 2006

One of the options in the BIOS setup is to `Disable Legacy Diskette A`. It is all part of the setting and prioritising process available. All details are in the User Guide.

If you `Disable` the drive it shouldn`t show.

  Air_Man 12:48 15 Aug 2006

But I need the genuine, real floppy drive for various things - not least installing Win XP everytime it dies.

  Stuartli 12:55 15 Aug 2006

A boot from CD (XP disk) and a Repair XP will probably achieve the result you want without having to go through a completely reinstall; your applications, programs, configuration etc should be retained.



for details and to save me typing it all out...:-)

  johndrew 14:09 15 Aug 2006

Sorry. I read your post that you didn`t want a floppy drive at all. Probably distracted by thinking of the post by Stuartli talking of `olden times`.

Found this click here might be of interest if nothing else.

  johndrew 14:20 15 Aug 2006

This problem has been around a while click here
and not just in Windows click here

  Air_Man 14:20 15 Aug 2006

Thx all. I excorcised the phatom by chance when I had to roll-back my new install to deal with a different problem.

Even though I have installed exactly the same software since, the B: drive does not appear now.

Strange. Oh well, its gone now.

Thx again.

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