Phantom Dial-up(Connection)Panel

  Cameraman 11:15 29 May 2007

Phantom Dial-up(Connection)Panel -- I am using XP Professional with Tiscali Broadband - If I set-up connections in internet properties as Always dial my default connection and in Outlook Express Ask before switching dial-up connections The dial panel appears as soon as the computer desktop is displayed if I then click on explorer it appears again if I cancel this it disconnects me I have to say connect again after this the panel keeps on appearing over and over sometimes in about 5/6 seconds and others up to 5 mins also this panel keeps on appearing even when I haven’t gone on line in first place; I can be working in Photoshop (the program I use more than most) and it appears at random times in fact sometimes I have to cancel three times in a row. At the moment I have set the internet to never dial a connection in both explorer and outlook express at this setting I go to outlook first which brings up the panel go on line and then minimize and click on Internet explorer You have given me very good advice in the past and hope you can advise on this one

  johnnyrocker 11:19 29 May 2007

i think you will find you have resolved it by setting to never dial which is what it should have been.


  Cameraman 11:33 29 May 2007

Thanks but i used to be able to connect by going strait to Internet explorer without going to Outlook express first is it possible to do this without the problems I have

  johnnyrocker 11:37 29 May 2007

as far as i know broadband on tiscali is an 'always on' situation, what happens if you click explorer without using outlook express?


  Cameraman 11:43 29 May 2007

clicking explorer without using express the dial-up(connect)panel does not appear and you are not are not "on"

  johnnyrocker 11:54 29 May 2007

if this happened recently why not try system restore to a time when it worked as you used to?


  Cameraman 11:57 29 May 2007

I have tried system restore but this did not cure the problem

  Stuartli 11:58 29 May 2007

Do you have a USB modem connection?

Normally you will get the connection panel up to make the connection.

  Cameraman 12:04 29 May 2007

Yes I have do have a USB Modem and it will bring up the dial-up panel if I select (Always dial my default connection) but then I get the problem of the panel appearing at random times even when I am not on line or clicked outlook or explorer

  jack 12:10 29 May 2007

Take a think about recent programs installed- some will 'want' to go online for their own reasons and put up dial even if you are online any way.
One that come to mid is SKYPE others may various A/V- mail washers pop up suppressors/Trojan watchers and the like that need to look for updates or do a scan at certain time.
They will each have their little way to annoy you.

  Cameraman 12:22 29 May 2007

I did have skype installed for a short while but removed it but I do use Messennger The problem goes back for two or three months but is getting worse I Use CA Anti virus and spybot to scan for problems and none found I am getting the feeling that I will have to remove all programs that connect to the internet and reinstall them to cure the problem I want to avoid this if I can but if there is no other way then I will have to

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