Peugeot site keeps shrinking.

  Pidder 16:26 04 Jan 2003
  Pidder 16:26 04 Jan 2003

Hope this isn't defamatory.
Do others have problems with the Peugeot site shrinking in size when you change a page? I have to keep resizing, only site I get this problem with. Any suggestions?

  spikeychris 16:44 04 Jan 2003


  Djohn 16:47 04 Jan 2003

spikeychris :o)

  spuds 00:34 05 Jan 2003

All product prices are being reduced, possibly these reductions are far reaching (;o))

  Pidder 10:55 05 Jan 2003

Ask a silly question you get a silly answer!

  « Ravin » 12:53 05 Jan 2003

i went to the site click here and when i clicked on a link it opened in a new windows that wasn't maximised and hence the small size.

that what you meant?

  « Ravin » 12:54 05 Jan 2003

window not windows


  Pidder 16:04 05 Jan 2003

Ravin - exactly, except each new page is reduced no matter how often I maximise. Only site I get this happen and wondered if it was my PC. Also seems to upset my screen sizing when I log on again.

  eddie937 16:05 05 Jan 2003

i would never buy a peugeot(horrible looking things)but the new renault megane is nice

  mark3110 16:25 05 Jan 2003

Of course the question is, Does Pidder work for Peugeot? Could this thread just be a cunning plan to get us users to visit the site in the hope that we may turn up at his showroom begging a test drive?

Or am I just being to suspicous?

Srtill prefer Vauxall myself


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