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  chajun 21:19 01 Dec 2009

My wife has a HP DV6000 laptop XP. She noticed that she can't connect to the wireless router we have. The little blue light by the wireless switch was now amber. The slider is in the correct position The only way to connect to the router is either by ethernet cable or a external wireless adapter. I have bought one that works. Only problem is that when pc is shut down and restarted the adapter doesn't start up and I have to keep enabling the WZC in services.msg. Any clever person advise please how to overcome this please.
Regards and thanks

  ambra4 00:45 02 Dec 2009

Check that the wireless card is Enable from inside the Network Connection Area

Start Setting - Network Connection - Right click-Wireless Area Connection - Enable or Disable

as required

If the Wireless card is already Enable, Disable and Re-Enable

Some times you have to Disable and Enable before the card will connect to the router wireless


You should also check that the wireless card is set to connect automatically once the laptop is

within range of the router

Start Setting – Double click Network Connection – Right click Wireless Network Connection

Click “View Available Wireless Network”

Click “Change Advance Setting” in the right hand menu

Click “Wireless Network Tab” Tick “Use Windows to configure my wireless network setting”

Select your wireless SSID name in the Preferred Network Box – Click “Properties”

Click “Association Tab” – Tick “Connect even if this network is not broadcasting”

Click “Connection Tab” – Tick “Connect when this network is within range”

Other Network Connection Setting

Click Start – Setting - Network Connection – Click “New Connection Wizard”

Select - Connect to the Internet - Next

Select - Set Up My Connection Manually - Next

Select - Connect using a broadband connection that is always on

Next – Finish

Your wife laptop will now automatically connect to the wireless router allowing Internet and

local access every time it is power on or restarted

There is also no need to keep switching of the “Wireless Radio Antenna” one the computer is

power off the wireless system will be disconnected

  ambra4 00:47 02 Dec 2009

one should be "once"

  chajun 09:43 02 Dec 2009

Thanks tried but no luck. How would I bypass the windows and get the software to activate supplied with the recently bought adapter. There ius an icon for it in the task bar bottom right and if clicked on would indicate that it's working but cannnot get address info?

  ambra4 10:18 02 Dec 2009

If no luck in enabling the build in wireless card just set the switch to off and connect the adapter

To show the adapter wireless icon do the following you should also check the setting above with

the adapter

Click Start-Settings-Network Connection

Double-click on the “Network Connection”

Right-click on the “Wireless Network Connection” associated with your network adapter

Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

In the “Wireless Network Connection Properties” window all boxes should be ticked

At bottom of display tick the box “Show Icon in Notification Area When Connected

The display Icon will appear in the task bar when you click OK

  chajun 10:43 02 Dec 2009

I still have to activate the WZC device other wise no connection. The ext adapter is pluged in and the icon for it gives the impression that it is working however when I click on the non active orig wirless icon the staus panel appears telling me the following.

Status (limited or no connection)
Network as designated BBC3
Duration (at the moment 00.07.05)
speed 54Mbps
indicated sig strength very good

Packets 4 sent received 21

There is an icon which shows 2 tv sets with a yellow triangle with a ! on it and a padlock.

This is without the WZC in the off position.

  chajun 11:03 02 Dec 2009

stating "cannot find network address"

  ambra4 11:57 02 Dec 2009

You sure that the lan & wireless cards is set up correct check that both cards is set up correct

Start – Setting - Control Panel - Select- Internet Options-Connection Tab

In the “Connection” screen, there are three selections:

“Never dial a connection”,

“Dial whenever a network connection is not present”

“Always dial my default connection”.

If you can make a selection, select “Never dial a connection”.

If you cannot make a selection, select “LAN Settings”

Un-Tick marks next to any of the displayed Options:

“Automatically detect settings”,

“Use automatic configuration script”

“Use a proxy server”.

Click “OK”. Then click “OK” again in the “Internet Options” page.

Network Adapter Setup on all Computers

Also called a LAN card (Local Area Network) or NIC card (Network Interface Connection)

Click-Start-Settings-Network Connection

Double-click on the “Network Connection”

Right click on the “Local Area Connection” associated with your network adapters

Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

In the “Local Area Connection Properties” window all boxes should be ticked

At bottom of display tick the box “Show Icon in Notification Area When Connected

A display Icon will appear in the task bar when you have finish the setup

Click Internet Protocol (TCP/Ipv4) Click the “Properties” button

Select “Obtain an IP address automatically

Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”

Click- Advanced-Click-WINS Tab-Tick-Enable LMHOSTS Lookup if un-tick

Do Not Change Any Other Setting

Click “OK”.

Your computer lan network card is now configured for use with the Modem/Router

You need to also do the same with the wireless adapter setting

  chajun 12:00 02 Dec 2009

i have succeeded in getting it working by removing the software that came with the external adapter. Then activating the WZC to automatic. This way it just replaces the inbuilt adapter that mysteriously vanished. Thanks for all the help.


  ambra4 12:29 02 Dec 2009

Glad to hear all working again, check that the laptop will connect automatically

  chajun 12:35 02 Dec 2009

Have done so and all appears to be ok thanks

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