Persuade me why I shouldn't abandon Firefox

  stlucia 21:06 06 Sep 2009

Several weeks ago I posted about a compatibility problem I was having using Firefox with an internet banking site click here ; and before that, about a problem printing my emails on the Madasafish webmail site click here :-(

Then five weeks ago I tried to use Firefox to on-line check-in for a flight I was about to take with my family on Thai International. I had made the booking using Firefox on the same web site, without any problem, but it wouldn't work with the on-line check-in page. IE7 did the job for me.

Why, oh why can't Firefox work properly with ALL sites? It's been said that it's because some sites use incorrect, or obscure, coding; but IE7 can work with them, so why can't Firefox? I'm still using Firefox, but I'm beginning to wonder why I should when IE7 can do everything I want (I think).

  cream. 21:14 06 Sep 2009

because of the niggles and moved over google chrome. It's faster and more reliable.

I think so.

  octal 21:19 06 Sep 2009

I think only you can be the deciding factor if you want to ditch FF. I get very little problems with FF and if I do then I switch to another browser, I've got at least three on my system, I can't use IE because I haven't got Windows.

  stlucia 08:02 07 Sep 2009

Thanks, cream and octal.

I don't see the point of having more than one browser on my PC if one can do the job 100% of the time. Up until these 3 instances I've been using FF exclusively for three years or more without any problem, and thought it was 100% compatible with all web sites. Since I started using FF, IE seems to have incorporated some of the features that attracted me to FF in the first place, so it's probably not a big deal to switch.

So, let me turn the question around: Is IE7 100% compatible with all web sites? If I switch to it, will I need to keep FF (or, perhaps, Chrome) for the instances where IE7 doesn't work properly?

  Andsome 08:23 07 Sep 2009

Get rid of it, it's a pain in the ass.

  howard64 08:54 07 Sep 2009

I used IE for years then had a problem with it and hotmail. This does not happen with firefox or chrome. I had to give up on chrome as it would not work with roboforms.

  anniesboy 10:45 07 Sep 2009

This might be worth reading,article was written in Feb 09
click here

  Stuartli 11:07 07 Sep 2009

I've used Firefox for 98-99 per cent of my surfing for several years.

I've never come across a website, including those for financial institutions, which I haven't been able to use in the normal way.

The problem is more likely to rest with your Security configuration, particularly with regard to websites which have been Blocked rather than Allowed (Exceptions).

  cocteau48 11:24 07 Sep 2009

I would agree with Stuartli's theory regarding the security configuration but it may also be worth
installing the IE Tab for Firefox if you have not already done so.
click here

You can switch the rendering engine from FF to IE for those sites which Firefox may not like.
You can also set it up to switch automatically for those sites which you "know" that Firefox will not work with.

  stlucia 12:24 07 Sep 2009

Hmmm ... thanks for all the replies. It seems from reading the linked articles that there perhaps isn't such a thing as a browser that'll be 100% compatible with ALL sites.

I accept that my problem might stem from some security configuration but, apart from checking that the page I'm trying to use isn't actually blocked by my firewall (Comodo free edition), I'm not savvy enough to do any further tweaking in that respect.

I've added the IE tab, thanks cocteau48, so maybe I'll give FF another chance. But next time it fails on a web site that then gives IE no problems, that's it, I'll ditch it.

  Stuartli 12:39 07 Sep 2009

I've got IEView installed (as well as IE8), but the number of times I've used either I can count on one hand...:-)

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