Personal Hard Drive - An Extra?

  flaming 18:49 04 Jan 2006

When I unboxed my HP PC package last year, there was a slim book-sized item which the installer sat atop the main computer. It was told it was the hard drive (he wasn't very talkative) and for ages I thought it was a necessary part of the computer's operation. A later visiting computer engineer said it offered more capacity than I would ever need, and that I needn't leave it connected. He was surprised I got that in the package. He offered me £50 for it which I didn't take as I thought the 'book' might be useful sometime. It is disconnected, and stored away. Does anyone recognise what I am talking about, and perhaps could enlighten me about its potential use, please? Thanks.

  ade.h 18:59 04 Jan 2006

Sounds very much like an external hard-disk.

Worth more than £50 to replace and very useful.

Make image backups to it.

  Forum Editor 19:00 04 Jan 2006

which is a very useful item indeed, and I am also quite surprised that it came in a standard HP package. There are various forms/types/makes - does this drive have HP branding, or is there another manufacturer's name on it?

You can use these drives in the same way as an internal drive - install software, save data files etc. The added advantage is of course the portability - you can carry the drive around, and use it on any computer.

  flaming 04:21 05 Jan 2006

Sorry, my misnomer. The item is actually an HP Personal Media Drive, designed to work with the HP Media Centre PC, although it is supposed to be a separate purchase, it says in the manual which I confess had to be retrieved from somewhere so that I could write this. The drive can be put in and pulled out from a special bay at the front of the PC body, without having to turn off the computer. Come to think of it, I do not see on the screen now something which was there before his visit last summer. I was lucky, then! I had the feeling it was worth more than £50, and that I might need it some day. It says it can also function as an external USB hard disc drive. Thanks for the info. guys. I can see I have some reading to do.

  Diemmess 11:28 05 Jan 2006

Have a look at this link
click here

  flaming 14:03 05 Jan 2006

I can see I shall, too! I think I'll resort to the yellow pages next time. So far I have had a less than informative installation from one guy, and a less than straightforward, shall I say, dealing with another (2 visits each). I now am wondering about the second-hand memory stick sold me; still, he did sort out printer and trojan probs. As I'm retired I can't afford to be in too much trouble, at £30+ an hour for computer engineers. Soon BT BB (a small trouble but good Helpline to sort it out) and my complicated "name" AV supplier (who has somehow dropped my spamkiller component, and whose e mailed support I have given up on) will be asking for annual subscriptions. There have been times when I felt like consigning the whole PC package to the store cupboard as I seem to have spent more time on 'housekeeping' than on pleasureable things like the forums on this website.

  Diemmess 17:57 05 Jan 2006

Well at least your extra HD is a bonus!

I do so sympathise with your finding one thing after another and the cost of visiting "engineers."
The best move you've made was to use this excellent site. Have some fun with your PC, and post another thread with any problem that sticks up, whatever it is.
My own experience here has been problem after problem solved and a lot of entertainment(in the nicest way)and instruction from other's difficulties.

When you feel like it I suggest a new thread about AV and other programs, which are fully effective, free to download, and allow you to ditch various expensive and fussy commercial products.

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