Personal emergency alarm

  Meshuga 18:46 01 Jan 2004

As a disabled person I have an alarm fitted which
is connected through the alarm box and if I activate the alarm it automatically dials a control centre to alert them. If I were to go over to broadband does anyone have sufficient
knowledge of this equipment to tell me if broadband would have any adverse effect on its operation. Thanks, Meshuga.

  Salinger 19:46 01 Jan 2004

Don't exactly know what you mean by being connected through the Alarm Box, I have an emergency alarm which is simply connected to the phone line (activated by a push button carried around the neck by the user). Works perfectly well with Broadband since the phone is separate from the computer broadband connection.

  [email protected]@m 19:54 01 Jan 2004

It will work fine with broadband. As a reassurance, once broadband is in operation, contact the control centre and arrange to do a test.

You will need a filter where the alarm is connected to the phone line.

  Meshuga 20:24 01 Jan 2004

Many thanks Salinger and [email protected][email protected] I meant was that my alarm unit with the illuminated push
button on it is connected directly to the phone line and my phone is connected into the alarm unit. I also have the pendant worn round the
neck. The reason for my query is that I once had
a plug in box to use a different phone provider
than BT and that caused dialling problems and had to be removed. So I was a bit wary and asked.
Thanks for your response. Meshuga.

  tbh72 00:52 02 Jan 2004

Just as extra reassurance I have an ADT Alarm / Fire system, it has priority over my telephone system also. This is achieved according to the engineer by being first inline on the telephone line.

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