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  Creditman 19:16 25 Jul 2009

Suddenly got a message telling me my sstem is infected with Trojan.WIN32.Agent.azsy, a WINDOWS PE EXE. I also was told to scan immediately with PersonalAntiVirus -which I have never installed ! I denied access to this programme via ZoneAlarm & Scotty - but I now find that Personal AV is on my programme list yet not on the programme list accessed from Contrl Panel ! Checking it out on the Internet reveals it is a rogue anti-spyware programme which should be uninstalled, but I cannot see how to do this since It does not appear on remove software list. My AVG free software is running & uptodate with no indic ation of this Trojan. I keep getting window messages giving a critical sytem warning of this trojan !! Should I be concerned ? What action do you recommend ? (Windows XP Home). Many thanks

  VCR97 19:30 25 Jul 2009

Try this.
click here

  DieSse 19:40 25 Jul 2009

I presume that tells you something about the efficacy of AVG free.

Try Avast or Avira free - they interdict more types of threat.

  birdface 09:58 26 Jul 2009

[I presume that tells you something about the efficacy of AVG free.]
the last person that had it on here either had Kaspersky or Norton You cannot go round changing your Anti Virus .You will probably find that it is his Anti-Spyware programs or the lack of them that is the problem.if he makes sure he has Spywareblaster and malwarebytes[free] on and any one of those two.A squared or Superantispyware and his chances of staying clean would improve a lot.And his chances of removing any problems would also improve.
We know by your previous threads that you do not like AVG and nominate Avast which may be better I have tried avast and I do not like it.3 + hours to do a full scan.If it finds anything while scanning it will stop untill you tell it what to do.No good if you go out shopping and the scan has only run for 5 minutes and stopped because it has a problem.
It has its drawbacks and maybe if it sorts them out less folk would use AVG.But until then we carry on with AVG which you can set to scan and switch of the computer when its finished.

  Creditman 11:44 27 Jul 2009

Thanks for your suggestions. I finally got rid of PAV by installing Malwarebytes. I have used AVG free for over 12 months & it has seemed ok. I also have Superantispyware but this did'nt detect PAV either. You mentiond Avira free -is this worth trying instead of AVG? In meantime I will install Spywareblaster.

  DieSse 12:42 27 Jul 2009

It's not my opinion that Avast and Avira handle more types of threats than AVG - you can read the facts about what they do and don't cover on their websites.

"You cannot go round changing your Anti Virus..."

Why not? if you have one that has issues, then you really should change it. You can't seriously suggest that an AV program needn't detect a Trojan??

Avira is the fastest of the free in my experience. It places less load on the system than Avast. Just installed them both (not at the same time!) on an older system I have in for repair - the system is very noticeably quicker with Avira.

For Spyware I use Malwarebytes and Spybot - though I know others have a good reputation too.

Incidentally I pay for Eset Security Suite for my own system, Totally excellent, unobtrusive, fast, etc etc. Well worth the cost.

  birdface 13:10 27 Jul 2009

All I am trying to say is Ant-Virus and security Suites are no good on there own. You need good Anti-Spyware programs as well for back up.
I was going to say you do not get many that use Nod32 with problems.But just noticed that you use the Nod[esset]Security Suite.
I used the paid for version Of A Squared but could not afford to renew it.It was a bit of a recourse hog and threw up a few false positives but it let nothing in and I don't half miss it.
I had a problem when browsing this morning Avg Security Suite never stopped it from getting in.But a quick update to Malwarebytes and then a scan found the culprit which was then deleted.A Squared would never have let that past.What paid for Anti-Spyware program program would you recommend.

  DieSse 13:28 27 Jul 2009

"What paid for Anti-Spyware program program would you recommend."

I wouldn't - I think paying for an all-in-one good suite only needs a couple of free general anti-malware programs as backup. They rarely find anything, and when they do it's only tracking cookies and the like - fairly innocuous stuff.

Anything that's serious your AV should pick up - if it doesn't it's failing to do it's job. Free AVG makes no bones about telling you what it doesn't cover - Rootkits being the most serious IMO.

The place to put your money is into an AV or suite - not an Anti-Spyware package.

All IMNSHO of course.

  provider 2 16:31 27 Jul 2009

Avast 5 is coming soon. Looks very interesting, I think: click here

  birdface 19:14 27 Jul 2009

Like I said I am trying out the paid for version of AVG.And when browsing for a repair to help someone the screen went a bit funny tried Esc but nothing it only lasted for about 4-5 seconds but I new something had got warnings from Avg but scanning with Malwarebytes picked it up and it was deleted.Which I suppose does not say a lot for Security Suites.

This is what it found.

Files Infected:
c:\WINDOWS\Temp\cd1253d0-4805-420e-a378-af99dc02f369.tmp (Heuristics.Malware) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

Just wonder why AVG resident shield never stopped it.

  DieSse 23:02 27 Jul 2009

"Just wonder why AVG resident shield never stopped it."

It's not good enough?

"Which I suppose does not say a lot for Security Suites."

Why, when AVG fails, do you sat that - surely it's AVG that's let you down - not "security suites" in general??

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