persistent undesirable icons

  preb 00:02 25 Jan 2003

Every time on boot-up icons appear on desktop, taskbar and in program list. There are two sites involved and they are unwanted, unsolicited and undesirable - they do not belong to any sites I've visited - I have a firewall and automatic clearing of caches, temporary internet files etc. on start-up and on exiting IE.
To get rid of them I right-click and uninstall the ones on the taskbar; I send the ones on desktop and program file to FileWipe and they disappear. But the next time I boot up there they are again!
I also have a very persistent URL (click here) which imposes itself on boot-up to make itself my home-page. I restore the home page, click Apply and OK and the next time I boot up there it is again.
Where do these things live on my hard drive (I can't find them by searching) and how do I permanently get rid of them? Thanks.

  obbit 00:07 25 Jan 2003

Hi might b spyware try spybot

click here

then install spywareblaster

click here

just incase



  Tim1964 00:08 25 Jan 2003

You may have spyware on your PC. You could download and install 'adaware'from click here and it will tell you and get rid of it for you.

  Tim1964 00:09 25 Jan 2003

You beat me to it...I must learn to type faster or maybe I should just GO TO BED!! ;-)

  obbit 00:11 25 Jan 2003's been a long day i might do the same

  obbit 12:27 25 Jan 2003

obbit thank you for your suggestion - I've downloaded spybot but it doesn't pick
these up. I've tracked one of them down and found its .exe file sitting in
Windows. However it has also managed to deny me access to it to delete or
filewipe or do anything other than run it. Do I just have to live with this, do
you think?
Thanks for your help. Preb

  obbit 12:31 25 Jan 2003

Hi preb.........could you give me the full file name of the .exe, which is an executable file and could be a virus try click here and load avg if u haven't already got it.



  bof:) 13:29 25 Jan 2003

Hi preb,

also try here:

click here

Look for blue writing at top of page)

This is a page guard program. It will protect the page you open Internet Explorer on from being hijacked by undesireables.


  preb 14:44 25 Jan 2003

bof:) - thanks, I've downloaded PageGuard, thanks for putting me on to that.

obbit - thank you, too. Yes I have AVG (6.0) on my system and also Norton AntiVirus (with up-to-date definitions) running in the background. My son and I were doing a lengthy search for mini-disc high-fi equipment and were horrified to find two mild but undesirable and unwanted sex site (presumably?) icons subsequently embedded somewhere the next time I started up the system. One is called uk video (which is stuck on his XP user account) and the other is called adult_chat (which is now stuck on my administrator's account and also my son's user account)- it is adult_chat.exe that I've found in WINDOWS which is denying me access to get rid of it. How the heck do things like this creep in when you're looking for hi-fi?! Thanks, again.

  muppetmark 15:14 25 Jan 2003

For more information on Hijacker and other spyware/malware take a look at click here has some excellent articles on where they come from and most importantly how to get rid of them

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