Persistent File

  kentylad 18:45 26 Mar 2003

I have one particular file on my computer whcih just does not want to be moved! It wont delete, be renamed etc...

I cannot delete it via dos because my windows hdd is formatted in NTFS and the one with the file on it is FAT 32, hence the HDD is not recognised

Whenever i try to delete it etc its says that another program is using it, but i end all processes and try again and the same happens.

Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?

Kind regards


P.S. It is an avi file which is defaulted to open in Windows Media Player

  powerless 18:47 26 Mar 2003

What exactly do you want to do with the file?


When your computer is starting keep tapping the F8 key and choose safe mode.

You should be able yo do whatever you want with it in safe mode.

  jimv7 18:48 26 Mar 2003

Boot into safe mode and try to delete it then.

Restart the computer and keep hitting the f8 key to give you the start up options, chose 'safe mode'.

  jimv7 18:49 26 Mar 2003

sorry Powerless, cant type type as fast as you, lol

  kentylad 21:40 26 Mar 2003

Sorry for the delay in replying

I have tried all the above and it has failed in safe mode :-(


  woodchip 21:55 26 Mar 2003

Where the XXXXXXX is type the file you are looking for. If it will not let you in Windows do the Registry first the come back to windows bit

To remove follow these step's closely, go to start\find\files or folders type in the box XXXXXXX click enter key delete all the entry's it finds with XXXXXXX in it. Next go to start run type regedit and press enter, go to menu under edit click find in the box type XXXXXXX and press enter it will bring up only one entry at a time, press delete key then click ok to confirm to go to next entry press F3 and delete do this until you get to the end of the registry. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE IN THE REGISTRY other than XXXXXXX then reboot your computer

  Lú-tzé 22:01 26 Mar 2003

kentylad - try this if it is a media file (sound, video etc):

select the file in windows explorer so that it is highlighted - just one click, not a double click to open it or anything like that.

wait a few moments until it shows up in the window / preview pane.

press the delete button.

Select yes if it asks do you want to delete it.

  kentylad 22:17 26 Mar 2003

sorry, the xxxxxxxx thing??

are you referring to the file itself?

  woodchip 22:38 26 Mar 2003

yes the file name would be whare the XXXXXXX are

  kentylad 22:42 26 Mar 2003

that hasn't worked i'm afraid, it's still saying there is another prog/person using it :-S

Have no idea what-so-ever!

  kentylad 22:46 26 Mar 2003

AH HA!!! Right, I zipped the movie file i.e. moved it, and then it let me delete it!

A nice shiny resolved tick ;-)

Thanx guys


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