Persistent Application failure messages - Virus!?

  idiot_radar 00:47 04 Jan 2011

Background - I have an acer aspire 5920 running Vista. It's outdated, but it works for me. Acer laptops in this series come with a widget bar that appears on startup and links to applications such as 'epower management' and 'eNet setup'. Basically acer's versions of certain windows programs. I find them better myself.

Problem - For the past two days performance has been very slow and I've been getting message windows (labelled 'Microsoft Windows') as soon as Windows boots the desktop stating 'Acer epower management DMC has stopped working'. It then goes on to say 'A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available'. There's a button labelled 'Close program'. Yet no matter how many times it's pressed, a duplicate message pops up. even if I press the 'Close' button. This persists for about 25 more messages. There are a couple of variations, such as 'Acer eNet tray has stopped working'. After closing three or so of them, several different windows appear, usually displaying a red cross symbol (the sort that tends to appear when something isn't functioning...) and some garbage combination of text and numerals purporting to be a failed application run. there's also a larger window labelled 'Problem Reports and Solutions' that prompts me to download updates for Windows….

I don't tend to use the applications affected (and regardless of whether this is a virus or not, they are currently inaccessible. attempting to access them prompts more of the window messages....), but it doesn't take an IT graduate to identify that something is completely wrong here. I've run virus scans with Avast, emsisoft A2 anti-malware and even windows defender. All three picked up things that I've deleted, yet subsequent scans aren't detecting anything else and the messages are still appearing. I can't system restore, as I purged all but the most recent restart point yesterday, and it falls after the time these messages started (I tried....).

Any ideas at all would be appreciated. Even if it's simply advice on where I should go to ask someone who'd definitely know! Cheers!

  northumbria61 12:10 04 Jan 2011

Try running System File Checker from the Command Prompt (cmd) with administrative privileges - (click start, type ‘cmd’ (without the quotes) in run and right click cmd.exe and choose ‘run as administrator. Then type ‘sfc /scannow’ - leave the space and without the quotes.

This will check that all Windows system files are ok and replace them if they are not.

  idiot_radar 13:26 11 Jan 2011

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I had no success with this method. I'm considering a system reboot. How might a go about doing this?

  robin_x 13:48 11 Jan 2011

Suspicious or buggy pop-ups.

Always Ctrl-Alt-Del to Start Task Manager, then end the pop-up Application or Process (if you can see which one it is)

If it is a viral pop-up masquerading as Windows, even clicking on X, Close or No can still launch malicious code.

For peace of mind, download and run/Full scan with Malwarebytes (Free).

click here;1

Then work your way thru this lot.

Make sure you have backed up all your data first.
You will be recovering to factory, as-new settings.

click here

When you have fixed and got your PC and data back as you want them, possibly some days from now, make a System Image to an ext HDD.
Mine takes about 30-40 mins for 60+GB.
Restoring from regular image backups make these problems a thing of the past.

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