A permanent solution to my audio problems please.

  Triprajul 02:00 07 Dec 2010


Due to problems recently with my wireless network reception, I had my desktop computer serviced. Before that the audio from my external speakers was fine. Now, for no apparent reason, my speakers sometimes produce no sound. I have the audio files saved on a flash memory so I simply re-install the audio driver from the flash. However, this has now happened twice in 24 hours. Also, each time I must restart my computer for the change to take effect. It may not happen again but if it does, it is very annoying. Does anyone know a more permanent solution to this problem? I attempted to use Restore Point to fix this problem but no luck. I use Realtek AC’97 Audio Setup (5.36) A4.05 and the name on the file is ALC 850_405 (Realtek Semiconductor Corp) and my OS is XP (SP2). Any advice given is greatly appreciated.

  ashdav 03:00 07 Dec 2010

Details of the computer and/or the motherboard are needed.
I don't want to sound flippant but you should really take your computer back to the person who did the "service" and get them to sort it out.
If it doesn't work now and it did before then they did something.

  Triprajul 03:11 07 Dec 2010


Actually, I had it serviced by a good friend and neighbor. A really busy and nice guy so I would rather not bug him again. He got my wireless Internet working again after a great deal of tweaking so I would rather fix this little problem myself if possible. After all, I have everything (i.e., audio files) I need on my flash but for some reason, the installation fails to "stick". What details about the computer and/or the motherboard are needed? Next, how would I get these details? Sorry, I am a novice at computers but I enjoy learning new things. Again, thank you for your very quick response and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

  Big L 266 08:43 07 Dec 2010


Triprajul....In order to best help you,we need to know what operating system (or 'OS') you have in your computer. Is it, for example, Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7? To find that out, click 'Start' then click to go into 'Control Panel' then click 'System' and this will tell you the basic information that operates your computer. Once you've got this basic information, write it down, and come out of these two screens please.

Whatever you reply will determine what help we can offer you and which buttons to press to get you your sound back. For the time being though until we can determine what's wrong, please don't do any further system restores.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Big L 266

  Triprajul 14:29 07 Dec 2010


Here are the details about my OS:

Microsoft WINXP


Version 2

Service Pack 2

Right now, my speakers produce no sound. When I click on the "Volume" button in the display tray, it produces the following message: "There are no active mixer devices available." but my speakers are powered up. Basically, every time I install the audio driver, it doesn't "stay". I have to re-install it every time. I admit it, I don't understand this at all.

Any help given is greatly appreciated.

  Big L 266 15:45 07 Dec 2010


Thank you for this.

Its a long time since I had Windows XP but the following will help.....

1.Click on 'Start'.
2.Click on 'Control Panel'.
3.Click on 'Sound' and open this up.

You will be presented with three options namely "Playback", "Recording" & "Sounds". On the "Playback" option,you are asked to "select a playback device below to modify its settings".

Do any items in here have a tick on them? If no, tick only the 'speaker' box, then click 'apply' then 'ok'. Then come out of this option and back to the main desktop screen and give it a few seconds to complete its change.

Once back,select a track from your collection and see if this will play. If it does,problem solved.If not,come back and let us know but do not attempt to fix this further without support ok?

Fingers crossed!

Big L 266

  bruno 15:59 07 Dec 2010

It may not help your sound problem but I would suggest you download SP3 while it is still available, then you can download all the latest windows updates. XP will not be supported forever. There is a programme called Belarc that I use. It lists everything on your PC and gives you all the details of sound and video cards etc., plus the versions and installation numbers.It is a small download and I print mine out for future reference.
Did your friend reinstall your operating system when he serviced it for you? I only ask because I have a laptop I reinstalled Windows XP on last week using the makers(Asus)recovery disc and it only had SP2 and I had to download SP3 to bring it up to date.
You could go to control panel/system/device manager and see if any of the listed items have a yellow exlamation mark against them.

  Triprajul 16:39 07 Dec 2010


Thank you for the advice you gave me but I simply can't follow your directions. In my Control Panel, the icon name is "Sounds and Audio Devices" and when I click on it, I don't get the three options of "Playback", "Recording" & "Sounds". I simply see tabs with names like Volume, Sounds, Audio, Voice, and Hardware. Any suggestions would be welcome.

BTW, I made a mistake when I described my OS above. I actually have version 2002. Here is the info, corrected, again.

Microsoft WINXP


Version 2002

Service Pack 2

Next, I went to control panel/system/device manager and none of the listed items have a yellow exlamation mark against them.

Finally, I have worked with XP (SP3) on other computers in the past and it is a good system. However, I would like to avoid downloading it if possible. Right now, I have a minor problem. My past experience with downloading is that it can sometimes cause more problems than it cures (but what do I know?).

Any help given is greatly appreciated.

  bruno 15:53 11 Dec 2010

Back in the day....when I was a TV engineer most intermittent faults turned out be bad connections at the plug/socket stage or dry joints or poor connections to the printed circuit boards. Do you have more than one sound output socket, or a spare speaker you could try. This would give you a chance to eliminate various things.
My point about SP3 is that if you don't get it soon you will never be able to get security updates from MS. not necessarily to do with your present problem.

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