Permanent or dial-up internet connection

  johnincrete 08:36 07 Dec 2009

My daughter is connected to the internet as part of start up whereas I connect as and when required.

If connected but no browser running, can the computer be infected by viruses, mal-ware etc.?

My daughter has far more infections than I do but then, she accesses a far bigger range of sites than do I. Her's are educational + the dreaded Facebook. Mine are UK newspapers & a few Christian sites.

  mgmcc 08:45 07 Dec 2009

It is normal with broadband, particularly if using a Router, to be permanently connected to the internet. Provided the computer has up-to-date AntiVirus and Anti-spyware programs installed and a Firewall running, it should be adequately protected from "internet nasties".

  rawprawn 08:49 07 Dec 2009

The short answer is no, she cannot be infected by virus or trojan if the bowser is not used.

  Technotiger 09:16 07 Dec 2009

Sorry mate, I beg to differ. Nasties can also be released from emails and especially those with attachments, as I am sure you are already aware. Another source of nasties can be when starting a pc with a disk in the floppy drive, though these days less likely.

  johnincrete 13:25 07 Dec 2009

My daughter gets loads of emails from educational suppliers often with attachments. I'll make sure her protection software is always up-to-date and that we both do regular backups of important data.

  rawprawn 13:38 07 Dec 2009

Yes I did realise that but as I said "the short answer is no" when he was simply talking about browsers being open. After all his machine is just as likely to pick up the nasties you point out even if he only connects his machine as and when he requires as he says he does.
However I think it was right of you to point it out as he may not have been aware of "other ways"

  DieSse 13:46 07 Dec 2009

"The short answer is no, she cannot be infected by virus or trojan if the bowser is not used."

There will be many programs contacting across the net when then browser isn't running - MS updating, HP updating, Java updating; AV updating - etc, etc.

All have at least some potential to let infections in - the only safe method is to be disconnected, or have proper up to date AV and firewall protection.

  rawprawn 14:19 07 Dec 2009

Come on DieSse, lets be sensible and not paranoid

  Clapton is God 14:38 07 Dec 2009

I agree with you.

Which is why I always disconnect whenever I'm away from the PC for even a short while.

  rawprawn 14:46 07 Dec 2009

My computer is connected from 7am to 10pm daily and often left during that period.
I have never had any nasty invasion at all when I have not been browsing the web, with a good security set up I think the chances of infection are pretty remote.

  Clapton is God 14:49 07 Dec 2009

"I think the chances of infection are pretty remote"


But not impossible.

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