Valli1 20:03 22 Mar 2011

Hi once again. Managed okay for a while but I REALLY need your help.
My husband's PC is normally only used for games (Peggle) and online things like draughts or solitaire. He sometimes looks at holiday sites and hotels and stuff. He does not belong to anything like Facebook or similar. He kept getting a message say to upload updates (or is it download?). Then when he put it on he got the dreaded Blue Screen and it has messages on it that neither of us understand. So he decided to re-boot. We found all the discs that came with the PC (it is about 9 years old) but there do not seem to be enough???? We managed to install the Windows disc and it sort of worked but next time he put it on got the Blue Screen again. We want to reboot but have no idea how! My son said to look at the BIOS - duh! Means nothing to us. Any ideas as to the best course of action. We have an install disc and others but there do not seem to be enough. PLEASE HELP AS HE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.!!!!!! Any ideas anyone. Bless you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:34 22 Mar 2011

What does it say on the blue screen?

does it give an stop error code something like 0x00.... click here

  Valli1 21:34 22 Mar 2011

Hi and thank you for responding. I am not sure what it says as I am on my Laptop but will go and see and if none of those codes are there will tell you. Is there something I must do re the code if it IS there? Or will you have to help me a bit more? Sorry to be so PC dumb but we are. How do we reboot if it comes to it? Many thanks. Valli

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:58 22 Mar 2011

At 9yrs old expect its XP?

Stop code will give us a starting pint to discover what the problem is and what we need to do to solve the problem.

  Valli1 22:04 22 Mar 2011

Thanks Fruit Bat.
Am going to check now. I will come back and tell you what it says - it is all gobbledeegook to me. There are lots of things on the screen so will look for error code. :)

  Valli1 22:56 22 Mar 2011

Hi again
Well the whole thing has gone upside down.
THIS is what we got now.
Dell Dimension 2400
Intel4PC 2.80 BIOSAO5
Level 2 Cache 512KB IntSen.Tag 1Y0Z81J
System Time
System Date
Drive Con.
Boot Seq.

CPU Inf.
Integ.Dev (Legacy Select Option)
Power Manager
System Secure
Key Number Lock
ImportKeyboard errors
Auto Power ON Disabled.

It is a sort of list you go down with the up and down arrow. My daft husband THEN put the Microsoft CD in while I was doing this and got his home screen but it will not let him do anything. So now I am really baffled. Do you need a list of the discs we have? Sorry - I am being such a pain - I will strangle him or chuck his PC out of the window in a minute. Am now on my old Desktop which although linked (ie Broadband) seems to be working it's normal slow way. Duh!
Does any of the above mean anything.
NOW he is getting this message, "An installation Package for the Product Status cannot be found. Try installation again a valid copy of the Installation Package. Status MS1 - the last letter has a dash above it. McAfee is still coming up with update problems but that is how all this started. In other words it is stuck and the disc is still in. DUH!!!!!! SORRY Fruit Bat. :(

  lotvic 00:19 23 Mar 2011

You can take the disk out and switch off by holding in the power button about 10 seconds.

If I'm not too late...
Owners manual .pdf click here
Page 43
Use Dell PC Restore by Symantec only as the last method to restore your operating system. PC Restore restores your hard drive to the operating state it was in when you purchased the computer. Any programs or files added since you received your computer—including data files—are permanently deleted from the hard drive. Data files include documents, spreadsheets, e-mail messages, digital photos, music files, and so on. If possible, back up all data before using PC Restore

To use PC Restore:
1 Turn on the computer.
During the boot process, a blue bar with click here appears at the top of the screen.
2 Immediately upon seeing the blue bar, press <Ctrl><F11>.
If you do not press <Ctrl><F11> in time, let the computer finish restarting, and then
restart the computer again.
NOTICE: If you do not want to proceed with PC Restore, click Reboot in the following step.
3 On the next screen that appears, click Restore.
4 On the next screen, click Confirm.
The restore process takes approximately 6–10 minutes to complete.
5 When prompted, click Finish to reboot the computer.
NOTE: Do not manually shut down the computer. Click Finish and let the computer completely reboot.
6 When prompted, click Yes.
The computer restarts. Because the computer is restored to its original operating state, the
screens that appear, such as the End User License Agreement, are the same ones that
appeared the first time the computer was turned on.
7 Click Next.
The System Restore screen appears and the computer restarts.
8 After the computer restarts, click OK.

  lotvic 00:23 23 Mar 2011

<Ctrl><F11> means hold down the Ctrl key and press F11 (so they are both pressed down)

  Valli1 01:17 23 Mar 2011

Thank you Lotvic.

Will try that. I let him loose on mine and now THAT has shut down but I will sorry about it tomorrow. At least my laptop still works. (Heaves sigh of relief) Hope he has not messed mine up as I have all my family History stuff on there and not had time what with playing about with his to save it. Duh! I will try that first thing tomorrow and come back and let everyone know what happens. Will see if MINE works too. OMG what a week. This is the works PC so only have it evenings. Crazy.
Thank you again and will let you know.

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