01chris 22:20 29 Aug 2006

I am running my own apache server to experiment with and hopefully provide hosting with in the near future. After trawling the web I found a site which explained how to use " ENDHTML" in a perl script. I should add here that I have run a few simple scripts already on my server and these have been sucessful. When I try and run my script (I will put the entire script in my next post) I get an Internal Server Error and when I read the error log it says "Can't find string terminator "ENDHTML" anywhere before EOF at D:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/cgi-bin/ line 4.\r".

Could somebody please advise me as to what is wrong with my script.

  01chris 22:21 29 Aug 2006


print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print <<ENDHTML
<A HREF="http:click here">Click Here</A>


  01chris 22:24 29 Aug 2006

Where my script reads "<A HREF="http:click here">Click Here</A>" above, it should read <A HREF="http:,/,/www,google,com">Click Here</A> but remove the first 2 commas and replace the rest with dots. I had to put commas in to stop PCA from changing it to "Click Here".

  Forum Editor 22:36 29 Aug 2006

and before you go too far along the road, have you checked that your ISP will allow you to run a web-hosting service on your connection?

It's extremely unlikely that they will permit you to so so, and all your hard work will have come to nothing. You can't just set up a web-hosting business on a domestic internet access account - there will be bandwidth implications.

  01chris 10:00 30 Aug 2006

I havnt checked but I new that might be a problem. If I'm not allowed to I'm not particularly bothered as I'm doing it for the fun of it anyway. I wasn't going to make it into a business as such so I was going to make it clear that bandwith might be poor. Thanks for the advice anyway.

  01chris 18:58 31 Aug 2006

Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong with my script?

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