Performance - XP or 98?

  K.H 17:44 27 Nov 2003


Due to an error using Win XP i am going to format, but im thinking of using 98 instead of XP.
Windows 98 is the OS which came with my machine and and on the case of the machine it says: Designed for Windows 98. So im in a bit of a dilemma here and would appreciate help.

I have also heard that Win98 is faster and has overall better performance than XP... true?

  Valvegrid 17:51 27 Nov 2003

Depends on the specification of your machine, do you know what the spec is?

  Ex Cossack 17:54 27 Nov 2003

Debatable. Depends on the processor you have and the amount of memory you have. If you decide to re-format the disk and re-install Win98 instead of Win XP you need to make sure you have all the drivers for your motherboard and any cards you have installed, plus all the programme (applications) that you have.

  K.H 17:55 27 Nov 2003

I have a 1.10Ghz Celeron Processor and 256 RAM.



  K.H 17:56 27 Nov 2003

and 20gig hd

  Djohn 18:01 27 Nov 2003

XP is faster and more stable than 98se in every department. But to achieve this you do need a fairly recent machine and other hardware/software to compliment it.

I used 98se for just over two years with no problems whatsoever, I'm sure this was due to having a PC correctly set-up, and up to date software. 98se is an O/S that you can slim down quite easy and adjust to your own personal taste.

XP is more difficult to do this with, but the standard install is so efficient in the first place that you will have less reason to want to.

I have the full XP O/S installed with Office XP and several other programs and quite a lot of hardware with their own drivers. From a cold boot to a working desktop takes 19 seconds. J.

  K.H 18:04 27 Nov 2003

Thanks for that Djohn.

But im still left with what would be best for my system?

1.10Ghz Celeron Processor, 256 RAM and 20Gb HD

  K.H 18:16 27 Nov 2003

Any suggestions please?



  AdeJ 18:30 27 Nov 2003

Firstly the age of your computer and availability for any onboard and connected devices - you can check that with a compatibilty check program from microsoft here click here. Second note is my XP installation is just under 2GB - so expect to take up a big chunk of your disk.

That said I moved from 98SE (uninstalled ME as it was too unstable) to XP and it was the best move I made

  K.H 18:38 27 Nov 2003

OK, AdeJ

Thank you for your assistance.

I think i might as well just stick to XP then

Thanks all


  Diodorus Siculus 18:39 27 Nov 2003

I would stick with Win98 if you have it properly configured - I find it pretty good - on your system, 98 should run well.

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