Performance Issues

  Borjoyzee 14:08 22 Apr 2007

Hi i have a problem which i need help with.

Bought a new PC from PCWorld, installed XP home edition, installed all necessary drivers and everything it needs. Its a machine purely for gaming so it only has the bare minimum to get them to run well. Specs are:

Intel Pentium D Dual core
250gb SATA HD
3gb ram
600 watt psu
nVvidia 8800 GTS OC 640mb

Now problem is games run as they should for about an hour maybe less, then performance takes a noticable nosedive for some reason I can't figure out. All drivers are up to date. Restarting application doesn't help, but restarting PC does. Its wierd. Googled around for answers but can't find anything relating to this kinda problem.

Any suggestions? Will be happy to provide any more info if needed. Thanks.

  anskyber 14:12 22 Apr 2007

Overheating perhaps?

  Borjoyzee 14:27 22 Apr 2007

Wouldn't have thought so, theres fans galore installed. 2 on the left side, 2 on the right, 1 at the front and one in the back. Plus all the fans on various hardware bits. I can feel the amount of heat coming from the fan nearest the card and its not alarming at all. Not saying you're wrong though.

What about a memory leak? Even though i've read that term is inaccurate. Pagefile perhaps? its set to 4096 min and max.


  birdface 14:37 22 Apr 2007

Do you have netgear or Zone alarm.

  Borjoyzee 15:08 22 Apr 2007

Nope, nothing like that. From a clean install of XP home edition, all I have on is bare necessities to get games to run well on that machine, drivers etc. And a few games and thats all.

Programs installed (apart from games):

Adobe Reader (only because another proggy wanted it at install)
Creative MediaSource 5
Creative Software Autoupdate
Creative System Information
High Definition Audio Driver Package
Microsoft NET framework 1.1
Microsoft NET framework 2.0
Microsoft Tool Web Package : EXCNTRLST.EXE
NVIDIA drivers
Sound Blaster X-Fi
Service Pack 2

  Borjoyzee 18:17 22 Apr 2007

On another forum, someone posted that my Intel Pentium D is bottlenecking my gfx card. And suggested purchasing another processor. Something like a E6600 or E6400, as they work better for gaming.

Then someone else came along and said "I have yet to see any significant performance differences stemming from these supposedly more gaming-efficient CPUs."

  skidzy 18:46 22 Apr 2007

Have you installed a cpu monitor,to verify its not overheating.

I doubt its your ram leaking,is the ram in the correct slots to achieve dual channel and get the best out of this.Check your motherboard manual for correct slots.

click here
click here

Check your ram with memtest86 click here or from click here

  Borjoyzee 20:10 22 Apr 2007

I'm running Everest Home Edition to check this very moment on that PC as well as Oblivion, I'll post temp result in a min.

Temps before running game where:

Motherboard - 33 C
CPU - 31 C
Aux - 33 C
GPU - 53
HDD1 - 28
HDD2 - 29

Straight away FPS isnt't what it is from a reboot.

Right, checking the temps after quitting straight away are:

Motherboard - 36
CPU - 35
Aux - 36
GPU - 57
HDD1 - 29
HDD2 - 29

Not much difference, but was only 20 mins. What do you think? I'll run it for longer if necessary, like the same amount of time it usually takes for FPS to dive.

  skidzy 20:13 22 Apr 2007

Think your going to have to run it till the system slows again to achieve its true reading.

  Borjoyzee 21:45 22 Apr 2007

Ok, an hour testing which is usually the time it takes, in an area I go to for testing FPS thats full of NPCs the results are:

MB - 35
CPU - 39
Aux - 35
GPU - 55
HDD1 - 28
HDD2 - 30

  skidzy 21:50 22 Apr 2007

Well to me that looks fine.I would now run Memtest,i think its going to be a matter of elimination...maybe a buggy driver.

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