performance comparisons-diagnostic fps etc...

  second best 01:47 04 May 2004

hi, i have:

1 gig ddr 400 ram
xp3200 cpu (2.2 barton)
ATI 9200 atlantis 256mb graphics.

however, i only have 5400 nikimi hardrive with windows xp pro.

i'm not overly impressed with my machines performance. i feel it should be operating much better than it does, especially graphically. what can i do to test or improve on it's performance. all comparisons at similar spec are encouraged. thanks.

  hugh-265156 02:09 04 May 2004

if you are going by graphics benchmarks like 3dmark etc then the 9200 card is holding you back in the scores.

do your games play ok?that is the main thing.

if games judder or slow down then a more powerfull graphics card would give better results or try lowering the display settings for your games a bit.

25-30 fps in most games is all you need to get smooth play,anything else is just boast factor.

  second best 02:16 04 May 2004

thanks huggy. another night owl like myself eh! can you recommend a free benchmark programme, you already mentioned 3dmark, anything else worth concidering.

another q for you. i have 'raid' on my mobo, not a lot known by myslef about this. however it seems that it has its own 'ide'type ribbon, which isnt connected, is this the case, and what should i do to remedy it? thanks in advance.

  second best 02:18 04 May 2004

sorry, i should have said, i havent actually tested the machine yet as far as results go for fps.

  byfordr 09:52 04 May 2004

huggyg71 is quite right its your graphics card that is letting you down...

Pricewise the 128mb 9800 pro seems the best value with performance just shy of the 9800 xt but half the price. It can be picked up from click here for £140 or click here for £155 (sapphire cards)

A 8mb 7200 hd is very cheap at the moment
click here=[%20][89]_._+Gb&id=192889895 A 80gb one can be had for as little as £45. May help a little bit. The rest of the specs seem very good.



  second best 13:10 04 May 2004

well, i have recently upgraded form an amd 1.1 with 512 sdram and a gforce 2 64 g/c. the improvemnt is noticable, but even loading screen on desktop can someti mes lagg. i'm wondering if its directly to do with my hard drive. can you give me any ifo on the raid sata config on mu mobo?

  byfordr 14:05 04 May 2004

There are several different configs for RAID. You can provide backup for your data or you can optimise for speed. Also for ultimate performance get a pair of 10000rpm disk click here click here

Very expensive for such small capacity. SATA drives cost little more than a normal hd if your motherboard can take it.

click here
click here

What do you use your machine for? If its gaming the graphics card will definately help.

click here
This will test your machine, but mainly pushes graphics.

click here
This is more balanced testing your machine


click here

click here

Suggest you run the 01 and 03 benchmarks and see how your machine copes...


  byfordr 14:07 04 May 2004

click here for review...


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