The Perfect PC

  LivEviL 13:03 10 Sep 2005

Hey all im starting to get interested in building a Pc as it sounds like a good hobbie!

i was wondering if some1 with the no-how could tell me what the perfect PC spec would be i was a fast reliable system with plenty of space! the main things im worried about are the motherboard, CPU, Proccessor(im asuming pentium 4 is the fastest at the moment?) and what video/graphics card to look for

it would be handy if anyone could give the full description etc as im still wearing my L plate!

thanks for anyones help

P.S if the PC Advisor guys ever get stuck with a colum they should do a beginers guide to builing a PC! mayb?

  LivEviL 13:05 10 Sep 2005

oh and also where to get quility bits for a resonable price?

  mattyc_92 13:05 10 Sep 2005

Depends what your system will be used for i.e games? video editing? etc...

  woodchip 13:06 10 Sep 2005

It do's not exist, only in the mind

  mattyc_92 13:10 10 Sep 2005

I agree with woodchip. A "perfect PC" doesn't exist. You will probably notice that about a month after you build a "state-of-the-art" system, there is a system twice as good on the market (and at about the same price).

  LivEviL 13:16 10 Sep 2005

i see

well mayb just a high spec for a alround Pc mostly for games but quick for DVDs and for the web?

  TOPCAT® 13:56 10 Sep 2005

If you haven't bought the PCA magazine then click on the 'Reviews' tab at top left of this page. There you can check out the various manufacturers' specifications in different categories, read the opinions of the PCA reviewers and get some idea on the way to go.

A search for guidance on self-building a PC brings up many pages, but here's just one example.

click here

Good luck on the venture! :o) TC.

  jack 14:09 10 Sep 2005

How much 'build'do you want to do.
For example there such things as motherboard bundles
That is the MoBo and processor already married[which can be a tricky operation for a 1st timer] and a stick of memory toboot.
Then all you need is case/PSU/HDD/CD-DVD etc.,and software.
Take a look at click here

Good luck - its a headacheingly fun thing to do

  ACOLYTE 14:18 10 Sep 2005

I don't think there is such a thing as the perfect PC,things are always getting upgraded and new software/hardware is always in development so a perfect PC now may become standard in 6 months time,the best thing would be to get what you can afford now and upgrade as things change,it would be best to build your own
that way you can add pretty much what you like and you know what the PC is capable of.It also save you the hassle of having to buy from 1 source you can determine whhat and where to buy.
You also learn a great deal on the way,and thats always a good thing.))

A perfect PC is one that works. LOL.

First and foremost - decide what you want to do with the PC> Games?Video Editing?Word Processing?

Word processing - doesnt really matter, but the other two:-

Decide what processor you want - Intel or AMD.

Then buy the best Motherboard you can afford to match the processor. i have seen a few makes, and top end Gigabyte boards are very good. The motherboard is the key to power and more impotantly reliability. Search the web for the manufacturers user forums, you can learn a lot from them.

Second - pay careful attention to the Memory or RAM. Buy good RAM. Try to match them up, same type, same manufacturer. Crucial, Kingston to name a few obvious ones.

Buy a good case. Plenty of ventilation, plenty of fans, and plenty of ROOM inside.

Graphics - depends on the use of the PC, i am not much of a gamer but they can be pricy. If I was starting again I would go for PCI express.
Then the rest is down to budget and looks.

Hope this helps

  wolfie3000 19:31 10 Sep 2005

I agree with most of the comments there isnt really a perfect pc to my mind the perfect pc is one that never crashes runs smoothly and does what you need when you need it which in most cases doesnt happen.
i agree building a pc from scratch can be fun and rewarding but once built and running theres always going to be niggles like viruses spyware intermitant crashes but fixing these can be hell or fun depending on how you look at it in the end we all learn new things from building and using pc,s which i find the most enjoyable.

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