Percentages in Excel

  phil.smith 09:21 07 Sep 2005

Is it possible to configure a cell so that when you type in a number it will automatically be changed to a percentage?



  dave_and_confused 09:31 07 Sep 2005

So 6 becomes 6%

Right click the cell, Format, Select Percentage. Done

  kissanpoika 09:32 07 Sep 2005

Right click on the cell and choose "Format cells..." then in the window that comes up make sure you are in the "Number" tab. From the "Category" list, choose Percentage, select then number of decimal places you want it to display and then click "ok".

  Simsy 10:21 07 Sep 2005

That as well as changing the way the number appears in the cell, i.e. with the % sign, doing this also actually changes the VALUE of the cell...

If you enter "15" into a cell formatted this way so that it appears as "15%", the value of the cell, for calculation purposes, is actually 0.15, i.e. the dividing by 100 is done for you already; you don't have to do it again.

Most of the time Excel formatting just changes the way figures are displayed. In this case it's more than that.

Wouldn't want your major sums to be wrong because some components are out by a factor of 100!!



  phil.smith 15:48 07 Sep 2005

Thanks all

But can I type a number into a cell eg 25 and have it change to 50% for example if the number 25 is an amount out of 50 as in a test for example?


  GroupFC 16:03 07 Sep 2005

I think only by doing the calculation in other cells. For example:-
A1 = total possible (50), B1 = achieved score (25), C1 = B1 divided by A1 formatted as a percentage will give the result of 50%. You can then hide columns A & B, so that you just show the percentage results.

I hope that is clear. I find it really difficult to express solutions to Excel problems in words (it is much easier to demonstrate)!

  Simsy 16:29 07 Sep 2005

the calculation will need to be by using other cells...

In short, a cell can either contain a calculated answer, acording to a typed in formula, (using contents of other cells to perform the calculation), or it contains a numbere you type in.

It is possible to use VBA programming to make the contents of the cell change according to what you type in, but, without knowing your exact requirements, I suspect this is not the best approach given what you've so far suggested.



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