People with AOL can't access my website

  Dragonfly2 23:09 16 Dec 2009

I organise a small website for members of a social club that I belong to. It's a free website hosted by Yola. It's for use by members, and has a PDF copy of our programme of events on it, which is password protected.

But people who are with AOL can't get into the website at all. I've been advised by Yola that AOL isn't approved browser for Yola, and I've been recommended that members use IE, Firefox, or Safari, and especially recommended Firefox.

One of our members emailed me back to asked what I'm talking about because he says that AOL use Internet Explorer. I relayed this to Yola, who are puzzled because they say that AOL is a browser.

In the meantime I've got a few disgruntled members. I could try and find another free website, but Yola suits me fine. Can anyone suggest a solution to this, in case my members don't feel minded to download Firefox.

It's not our main website that we use to advertise the club, just a small one where we plan to put various information especially aimed at members.

  provider 2 15:13 17 Dec 2009

There is an AOL browser but it operates in cahoots with Internet Explorer ... a sort of IE with AOL bits added on.

You could suggest to your members clearing the AOL browser cache and/or the AOL adapter: click here

Alternatively, the old click here might still work.

  Dragonfly2 16:09 17 Dec 2009

Hi - many thanks, I'll pass this message on to any of our members who have problems.

  provider 2 16:18 17 Dec 2009


Firefox or IE are still miles better than the AOL browser, which can be a real pain sometimes.

  Dragonfly2 22:55 19 Dec 2009

Hi - my friend has now downloaded Firefox, and is getting the website fine - he seems very pleased with it!

  provider 2 11:12 20 Dec 2009

Glad to hear it.

Getting people to change over from something they`re used to to something else, even though the alternative has a good reputation, can be difficult as I know only too well.

I used the AOL browser for a long time before changing over to Firefox. Something to do with, "Better the devil you know ..." kind of thing.

Anyhow, I hope all goes well.

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