Pentium Processor Choices Help

  scuba steve 22:47 04 Aug 2006

I need to talk to someone who knows there stuff about Processors as im in need of advice and Information.

I Have Chosen to Laptops That Suit my needs but am now just stuck with which one i should choose and the decision will be based on the processor.

The 2 processors are :

Intel Centrino Pentium M 740 1.73ghz
Intel Core Duo 1.6 GHz

It will be used for Music, Downloading, Internet and gaming.

Can i have your Opinion and Any Information on them on which Processor to use in Conjuction with the above uses of the laptop (Gaming, Internet ect).

Thankyou in Advance

  sean-278262 23:05 04 Aug 2006

Core Duo.

Centrino is the older technology and is single core so 1.73 x 1 = 1.73 actual speed
duo is 2 cores on one chip so 1.6 x 2 = 3.2ghz theoritical speed.

Duo will be faster and better plus more expensive in theory too.

  scuba steve 23:12 04 Aug 2006

Are you Sure?

1.6 x 2 (3.2ghz) Doesnt Sound Right. I dont Mean to question your Opinion because Im Greetful but Could you check this laptop out just to make sure.

sorry to be a bother!

Take a Look...

click here

  scuba steve 23:14 04 Aug 2006


Wrong Laptop
This is the one Im going for...

click here

  sean-278262 23:14 04 Aug 2006

3.2 (3.3 in truth) this is teh theoritical speed the machine can achieve. It never will but it is probably about 50% or more of an improvement over the centrino in most areas. Especially multitasking.

  sean-278262 23:15 04 Aug 2006

Correction on what you said but it is still 3.2 if it is a duo 1.6. It is treated like 2 processors. Not as fast as having 2 but nearly.

  scuba steve 23:26 04 Aug 2006

So if i was to Install a game that Required 3.0Ghz in CPU Power, Would it Install and Play right?

Sorry for all the questions Guys!

  Jimmy14 23:28 04 Aug 2006

I have the Centrino Pentium M 740 and it a very good processor handling mostly everything I throw at it including gaming, video editing, picture editing and all the rest e.g home office. Probably you should go for the core duo T2300 1.66Ghz dual core.

  scuba steve 23:32 04 Aug 2006

Its Core Duo T2050 1.6ghz Dual Core
Is That Okay?

And Will It Be able to Run Games That need 2.4ghz CPU Power or Higher?

  SANTOS7 23:34 04 Aug 2006

click here
compare them from the link..

  sean-278262 23:34 04 Aug 2006

Yes. Your processor will handle any game you throw at it on the market today.

However you would need to find what graphics card it has.

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