Pentium or Athlon - which is more reliable?

  Adam Patrick 17:02 17 Mar 2003

Hi there. Thinking of upgrading motherboard and processor but don't know which path to choose, Pentium or Athlon. All of my games work except one, with my current Athlon processor.

The fact that this one game doesn't work, could this be to do with the Athlon processor.(I've tried everthing to get it to work but when I try to run it after installation the screen goes blank and reverts to the desktop. I've tried updating driver, uninstalling game, reinstalling etc.)

Is there a chance that changing to a Pentium motherboard and processor could remedy the problem?

Any advice would be appreciated

  powerless 17:07 17 Mar 2003

Very doubful that a difference in CPU would effect a game.

click here any help?

  clayton 17:33 17 Mar 2003

Have you taken the game back for a new copy the cd might be faulty, whats the game that wont work & what graphics card do you have ?

  pj123 17:55 17 Mar 2003

Who knows? It's like saying which is more reliable a Ford or an Audi, they both can and do break down.

  DieSse 18:07 17 Mar 2003

Yeah - but I'd still rather have an Audi


  woodchip 19:00 17 Mar 2003

Not so much with regard to reliable, but on the size of your wallet when you have bought your CPU

I very much doubt that a processor would cause this problem.

It would help if you could supply more details about your system and the game title that you are having problems with.

  DieSse 19:46 17 Mar 2003

To answer a bit more seriously - you ask two questions

Which is more reliable - well my experience is that P4s run a bit cooler, and are less fussy to set up - so I would say that on balance the P4 wins by a short head.

Would this change solve the game problem - It might, it might not - it depends very much what the problem is - and the game could almost certainly be made to run on either chip.

So - I wouldn't upgrade just to solve this problem, but you may want to upgrade for others reasons - more speed - more RAM - more modern graphics - USB2 ports etc. If t wrer me i would go for a P4 (well I did when I upgarded) - but it's not a mistake to go for an Athlon either.

  R4 20:12 17 Mar 2003

Which is more reliable - Both the P4 and the Athlone are reliable; it's really a horses for courses decision, the P4 is better for gaming/graphics and the Athlone is better for number crunching but for general use either is fine with a good motherboard.

I doubt if an upgrade would fix the games problem, that is most likely to be a graphics card incompatibility or memeory problem. Blanking out and reverting to Desktop is often caused but the games vidio setup failing.
What spec does the game state for it requires to run properly; the lowest spec does not usualy give a good game.

I prefer Athlone with good graphics but for gaming I think the P4 has the edge. Both need good graphics though to un some if the games out now.

  nostromo99 22:48 17 Mar 2003

I think in reality both cpu are just as good. The problem is basicly on which game is??? I mean how old, which OS do you have and ans somebody mention your card and memory....are the real problem couse. So get information on the game needs on its site, compare it to your PC and upgrade you sistem an OS most of all.
Good luck....

  Adam Patrick 23:30 17 Mar 2003

Cheers guys for the feedback on my query about the game I can't get to work on my Athlon.

Regarding some of you needing more info:

The game is Sergei Bubka's Millennium Games
My operating system is Windows 98 and I have 256MB 133Mhz 168 Pin DIMM Memory.
I also have a PNY Geforce4 64MB graphics card which I installed about 6 months ago and my current processor is an Athlon 850Mhz.(The recommended spec for the game is a PII 266.)

Thanks alot

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