Pentium III Processor Upgrade & AGP Question

  Mac&PC 01:06 06 Apr 2008


I recently purchased a Pentium III 866 MHz Compaq Deskpro EN from a local school for $5. I plan on using it as a TV/Multimedia Center. I'd like to max out the RAM, put in a DVD-Rewriter, newer video card, USB 2.0, wireless keyboard and mouse, bigger HD, and get a couple of wireless controllers to play old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on it; but have a couple of questions:

My biggest concern is upgrading to the fastest processor I possibly can - most likely purchased on eBay. The motherboard is a Compaq 0684h that has a Socket 370. My question is, how fast of a Pentium III can I put in it? I see that Pentium III's range from 450 - 1400 MHz. After looking at the Wikipedia page about Pentium III's, my processor's clock speed is 866 - so it must be a coppermine. Can I only use another coppermine processor - the 1133 MHz model being the fastest? Also, when I do upgrade the processor, can I use the same heatsink I used on the 866 MHz, or do I need to purchase a better one - and if so, what kind/specs?

My second question - I've been scouring the internet trying to find out what kind of AGP Bus my computer has (2x, 4x, 8x), but have been unable to locate any information on this model (compaq is terrible about numbering these business models!!! argh!!! lol). The system came with a 16 MB Nvidia Riva TNT2 Pro card installed - I would like to upgrade it to a faster Nvidia card, possible a Nvidia 6800 ultra. Would an 8x card be backwards compatible with a 2x or 4x AGP slot?

My last question is, with all the improvements, I will likely need a bigger Power Supply. I don't think the 200W Power Supply will handle a newer video card. I figure a 400W should do it. Does the compaq deskpro en require an ATX Power supply? Admittedly, I don't know much about power supplies - it's the desktop model I have, and not the tower. What kind of power supply would be recommended (brand/type/wattage).

To my frustration, HP-Compaq's site provided little to no information about this computer's specs.

Any info or assistance is greatly appreciated! :-)

  MCE2K5 01:38 06 Apr 2008

With all that upgrading, Might be better to buy a New Computer.

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