Pentium Dual core or core 2 duo

  hawthorn59 12:50 28 Mar 2008


Im helping a friend buy a Dell laptop online. He just wants it for everyday use, Word, email, browsing etc.

There is €80 difference between the Pentium Dual Core processor and the Core 2 Duo one. What is the difference in performance and does he need it for what he will be doing? It will have vista, and 2 gig ram.



  hawthorn59 12:58 28 Mar 2008

Also, theyre offering McAfee Security for 15 months at €20. Would you go for that or do as we all do here....uninstall the trial and get the free programmes!!!?


  lisa02 13:11 28 Mar 2008

Ultimately the core2duo is the better processor on a like for like comparison. Which 2 processors specifically?

I'd ditch the McAfee and save the €20.

  AlanHo 14:17 28 Mar 2008

If the computer is to be used just for the items you listed - I doubt that you would notice any difference in the speed of the 2 processors.

Your choice of Vista and 2GB of RAM will be more beneficial than the choice of CPU.

Don't bother with McAfee - I am well pleased with AVG anti virus free, Windows Defender and Vista Firewall.

  Batch 15:00 28 Mar 2008

IMHO dual core comes into its own when 2 or more processes are running concurrently AND one of the processes is CPU intensive (or if there are a large number of low to medium CPU usage processes running). Combinations of word processing, email, web browsing don't generally fall into such a categories (although the graphics contents of some web pages can be hogs, especially if many browser windows / tabs are open concurrently).

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