Is Pentium the best?

  LUCYD 10:26 01 Jan 2003
  LUCYD 10:26 01 Jan 2003

Hi there

I want to buy a new PC and everyone keeps telling me to get a Pentium processor. Why is this better than Athlon or Celeron? What technically is the difference between them?

  rickf 10:52 01 Jan 2003

I think it runs more smoothly, quiter, less heat and better for graphics. This may be just very personal. I have got both and my preference is for Pentium. Seems more stable and dare I say durable.As I said, this is a personal opinion.

  howard60 10:54 01 Jan 2003

is the cheap cut down version of the pentium. It will do the basics ok but not all singing and dancing as the full pentium. Likewise AMD do the same trick with I think the Duron. I use the AMD myself as size for size it is considerably cheaper than the pentium and does everything as well as the pentium if not better.

  €dstow 11:01 01 Jan 2003


  interzone55 11:54 01 Jan 2003

As Rickf said, Pentiums are more stable than Athlons, I dispute the heat thing though, have you seen the size of a P4 heat sink?

Athlons are much better value than a P4, A XP2600+ Athlon will easily out perform a 2.8Ghz P4 and is £85 cheaper (£220 compared to £305) at Dabs.

I have both AMD & P4 processors at home & work and really there is very little difference in performance under most conditions.

So it depends on whether you want an expensive v-stable PC or a cheaper slightly less stable PC.

Besides, most PCs are price banded anyway, so with an AMD machine you will pay the same as a P4 machine, but get more extras, like a bigger hard drive or better speakers.

Shop around and buy the machine that has the features you need and ignore the processor.

  window man 12:04 01 Jan 2003

This reminds me of a conversation we had last night re-BMW v Merc. But the answers seem the same. Its just a matter of personal choice.

  DieSse 12:21 01 Jan 2003

Just to correct any Celeron misconceptions - and about current production only - not older models.

Celerons up to 1.4GHz are Pentium 3s, but with a slower FSB - they do everything a P3 will do, but slightly slower.

Celerons 1.7GHz to 2.0GHz are Pentium 4s, but with a smaller processor cache. They do everything a P4 will do, but slightly slower.

They are excellent value for money.

  Paul2002 12:21 01 Jan 2003

With proper cooling an AMD processor is everybit as stable as a P4, My XP2400 is rock solid albeit a tad noisy due to a few big cooling fans.

With an AMD you get more MHz for your pence.

The only thing I will give the Pentiums is its better (alot better) at dealing with overheating! have you sen the Toms hardware vid? click here and navigate to the end of the article for a demo of Intel vs AMD.

  Andsome 12:32 01 Jan 2003

Quite honestly this theme has been hacked to death so many times that it is unbelievable. If you search the site you will see countless arguments as to the merits and faults of either processor. I think that you really have to make your own mind up. I will be having a new computer later this month, and have wavered first one way then the other. I think that I have finally decided to go the Pentium way, but your decision must be your own and you will then have to live with it. The same argument happens time and time again over AV and firewall programs, sound cards, graphics cards etc etc. Everyone has their own favourites, and each is better at some things than a competitor, and not as good at other things. Go to your local shop and discuss the matter with the proprietor, and let him build you a machine that will suit YOUR requirements. If you buy from one of the big names, you will end up with a lot that you will never need, and be missing things that could be of use to you. You will then have to go down the upgrade road.

  astral traveller 12:44 01 Jan 2003

Try what Andsome says, do a search - at the top of the main helproom page - you will find loads of opinions and preferences and will probably not be able to make your mind up either way but will probably realise that it won't make that much difference to you. Someone will probably disagree with the last bit.

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