Pentium 4 Vs AMD

  dave84 11:16 02 Jul 2006

I am a relatively high end user of my current PC but am thinking of upgrading. I use the PC for lots of downloading, would like to start playing games that my current PC can't handle.
Simple question really, which would suit my needs better Pentium or AMD, obviously there's a lot of version of AMD, and if recommended to go with them, which one specifically should i use?
Also, currently looking on Ebay to get PC, is this generally recommended?

  SG Atlantis® 11:37 02 Jul 2006


that's the most important thing.

  dave84 11:49 02 Jul 2006

looking to spend around about the 600 - 700 pound mark, including a monitor.

  Woolwell 14:22 02 Jul 2006

Graphics card is likely to be more important than choice between Intel or AMD. Go for 1Gb of RAM too.

  Casey182 15:47 12 Jul 2006

Well if you said you would spend around about £200 on a monitor, £400-500 would get you an awesome processor, but 'woolwell' is right if u dont have a decent graphics card the processor can only do so much. A decent graphics card will be round 200-250 which would lower the amount you could put into the processor.

Briefly i would point you in the direction of AMD for gaming, and as for buying on ebay, its a judgement call, if its a shop with a good feedback go for it, i eprsonally wouldnt. good luck

  wee eddie 21:14 12 Jul 2006

I hate to pour cold water on the affair but for "High End" Gaming you really need another £400 if you are buying new.

  User-312386 00:05 13 Jul 2006

you say you are a "high end user" can you please advise what sort of games you play please

£600-£700 wont get you a "high end user" PC

  dave84 19:09 13 Jul 2006

buying a new PC guys, realise gotta look around the 1k mark but but budget is 700ish. not really interested in playing games everyday but would like the ability to play decent games. been recommended by a friend to wait until the new conroe systems start coming out, reducing the cost of others. what would you guys recommend?
thanks for any advice

  wee eddie 21:04 13 Jul 2006

The other CPU's will drop in price but we're not talking more than a drop of £40, or so, for the high end of the previous generation.

  Devil Fish 22:40 13 Jul 2006

Intel or AMD you wont notice the difference

if you want games pick up a decent spec machine within your budget avoid on board graphics like the plague unless the board has PCI-E slots to add graphics card/s at a later stage you may also want to look for spare memory slots on the board to upgrade the ram at a later stage thus allowing you to spread the cost a bit

if you want high end gaming you would need to significantly increase your budget

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