Pentium 4 Overclocking Basics

  Mastermind 14:10 26 Jun 2003

Can anyone point me to a webpage that will explain the fundamental principles involved in overclocking a Pentium 4 (in particularly the new 800 MHz FSB models)?

  magic 16:53 26 Jun 2003

surely just type in overclocker in Google. There are more sites on this subject than ive had hot dinners!

  Mastermind 02:11 27 Jun 2003

I couldn't find anything for the beginner. Also a lot of was specifically aimed at AMD chips.

  hugh-265156 02:41 27 Jun 2003
  Despicable Desperado 02:12 28 Jun 2003


  Mastermind 09:22 30 Jun 2003

Why what?

  Chegs ? 09:40 30 Jun 2003

Why would you want to OC an already fast CPU? I have "played" with OC and can see absolutely no point with the faster chips,as the marginal increases available aren't worth risking frying an expensive item.

  The Transporter 10:00 30 Jun 2003

If you had something slower than a 2 ghz maybe overclocking is an idea to play with. But with the latest cpu's there is no point. Unless you have a lot of money.

This is purely because once you start raising the front side bus on the cpu. Temperatures will rise. This also causes greater voltages to be required.

Thus major cooling kits need to be utilised. If you go down the water cooling route your looking at £150 just to keep a cpu cool. You might as well just buy a faster cpu and use an air cooler from coolermaster of thermaltake.

Go to

click here

click here

Basic overclocking:

GO to the bios, raise the fsb by between 3 - 5 mhz each time. Run 3dmark2001. If it doesn't crash, lock up , reboot, do it again. When it does lock up. go back to the last setting that worked.

Doing this will increase the power that goes to your AGP graphics card and ram as well. SO ideally you want amotherboard like a KT3 Ultra2 R (an amd board for an example, i use it) which allows you to independently set the voltages for the DRAM, AGP and CPU.

Also as you increase the Front side bus, "FSB", you may have to increase the cpu voltage to compenstae for the extra power it will be creating. Raise it by a small increment each time. Only do this if the pc starts crashing and you want to raise the fsb higher. Will give more stability.

Another way is to lower the clock multiplier. Then raise the fsb. It is just experimentation to find the best combination.

BUT, all this will require greater cooling. so be prepared to buy an excellent cooler.

Or just go and buy a better cpu. I have an xp2700. No need to overclock that bad boy.

it is only £106 from click here

and a top notch graphics card too..

  Mastermind 10:48 01 Jul 2003

I'm sorry I don't remember saying that I was planning to overclock anything? I was just looking for some articles to read on the subject so that I could make a more informed choice when building my new PC.

  The Transporter 09:25 02 Jul 2003


or though there are links through google which will help in your search for articles about overclocking.

You were looking for information about overclocking. I have given it to you.

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