Is Pentium 4 compatible with IE7?

  Sabi 21:40 03 Dec 2006


As I am not a computer expert I need to run something by you guys :-)

I checked the details for IE7 download. It says the minimum requirements for the processor should be 2.33 MHz. I have Pentium 4 (1.70GHZ) Does that mean I can download the software???

Many thanks


  SANTOS7 21:44 03 Dec 2006

click here

its 233MHz not 2.33 so your PC is, lets say 5x more capable ..

  Diodorus Siculus 21:45 03 Dec 2006

Yes, it should be fine - I've seen it on PCs with 1Ghz processors running ok.

  Trackrat 21:45 03 Dec 2006

Yes no problem, it says 233mhz, your processor in Mhz is 1700.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:45 03 Dec 2006

What SANTOS7 says makes more sense...

  jarani 21:49 03 Dec 2006

there will be no problem but you will need to go through the validity check - jarani

  Sabi 21:50 03 Dec 2006

Thank you all;

I have probably misread the digits!! Sorry and thanks :-)


  Sabi 21:52 03 Dec 2006


How do you mean by "going through the validity check"???



  SANTOS7 21:56 03 Dec 2006

Its a process before installing any microsoft generated software of Validating your Operating system to see if it is genuine, if you have already done this you will have no problem..

  Ex plorer 22:02 03 Dec 2006

I think it means it will want to check your operating system, meaning that its valid and registered with Microsoft.

  jarani 22:07 03 Dec 2006

Santos & explorer answered it for me - it is just a thought if you have a problem - good luck - jarani

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