Pentium 111 and slot 1 motherboard.

  rdh660 10:18 24 Sep 2005

I am just a novice in learning mode and I have an old pentium 111 slot 1 processor and enough parts to put together to build a basic computer workstation but need a motherboard. The processor is Pentium 111 500Mhz 100 fsb and 2.0Volt. I am not really sure what the voltage marked on the processor refers to. There are a number of cheap slot 1 motherboards available for sale which are said to support the 500 pentium 111 but there is never any mention of the voltage. If the motherboard supports the 100 fsb needed does this mean the voltage will be suitable? Can anybody point me in the right direction to find out what slot 1 motherboards will support this processor.


  MAJ 10:28 24 Sep 2005

The voltages will all be pretty much standard, rdh1, if you do a search on Ebay you will find a lot of them for sale there ranging from 99p. Check out the specs posted and you should find one for your processor. click here

  rdh660 10:34 24 Sep 2005

Thanks for the quick reply Maj.
Does this mean that most slot 1 boards which are said to support pentium 111 500 will also support the 2.0 volt requirement of this processor or might this vary ?

  MAJ 10:54 24 Sep 2005

It depends on the motherboard, rdh1, some have the option in the BIOS to increase the voltage to allow for overclocking but if that is a standard Pentium 111 processor, it should work okay on any Slot 1 MBoard designed to take a 500MHz processor.

  rdh660 10:58 24 Sep 2005

Thanks for the advice Maj. Looking on Ebay using the link you sent me there seems to be quite a choice at some pretty cheap prices so there is not much to lose even if I do 'make a mistake'. Thanks again

  MAJ 11:13 24 Sep 2005

I bought one on Ebay about a year ago for a Pentium111 800MHz processor (can't remember if it was Slot 1 though), it's still ticking over beautifully, rdh1.

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