wullie294 14:21 31 Mar 2008

Hi all...I have recently purchased a used Pentax 1st DL body, but unfortunately the seller did not have the CD/software that came with the camera originally ((i.e....Software CD-ROM S-SW34))....Anyone suggest where I might obtain this??

Regards, Bill D

  dagbladet 14:34 31 Mar 2008

This any good?

click here

  wullie294 16:08 31 Mar 2008 I don't know exactly what the original CD-ROM contained...or what drivers(?) or operating software were included (?) Would be great if I could lay my hands on an original CD

Anyone else suggest where I might pick one up ???

  Totally-braindead 16:15 31 Mar 2008

I don't think you really need any software, not on XP anyway. It will identify it as another hard drive.

  jack 16:46 31 Mar 2008

Echoing T-Bd
Strictly speaking no digi cam needs software to upload images -ME/2000/XP/Vista simply reads cameras as another drive.
The perceived wisdom with such discs is to leave it in the box.
Some folk state a preference for a particular software - Olympus for example.
But a straightforward image editor will do all that's required and more for free image editors The Gimp/Googles Picassa and Serif -offer free version of older stuff[but be prepared for the e-mail nag to buy the update.]

  wullie294 17:53 31 Mar 2008

OK....thanks all...Possibly I felt deprived at not obtaining a CD-ROM in the transaction with the seller...I've ordered the appropriate USB cable to transfer images to Paint Shop Pro on the PC

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