Pen drive driver for Win 98

  jonmac 23:05 15 Feb 2007

Where should I go for a driver for a pen drive to be used in a year 2000 Win 98 machine, presumably USB 1.1

  skidzy 23:11 15 Feb 2007

Make and model of the pen drive please ?

  woodchip 23:11 15 Feb 2007

Does your USB work OK?????. Your best bet is first to get a USB2 PCI card with a Via chipset. that will run USB2 then get a Pen drive to use in that

  jonmac 23:15 15 Feb 2007

Thanks for the quick response. Mine is a Sandisk but does it matter, isn't there a generic driver? I'm recommending this as a quick inexpensive solution to a friends full, 2.5 Gb hard disk in an ancient laptop which she is loathe to abandon as it otherwise is working well.

  jonmac 23:17 15 Feb 2007

Didn't see your response at first Woodchip. The operative words here are cheap and inespensive. Just plug in a pen drive shift data on to it and free up HD space for a wee while to come

  woodchip 23:22 15 Feb 2007

Right if it's a Laptop with 98, I think you have a NO NO. You are not going to get it to work. unless you can get a PCMCIA card with Via chip that runs USB2 it as to have the correct Via drivers or it will not work with 98 and it as to have a Via chipset. Just any card that says USB2 will not work. It as to be as above. Even though it may say 98 compatible. The Pen Drive you have will only work in a USB2 port

  Totally-braindead 23:28 15 Feb 2007

If its Win98SE she has then this might work click here I would like to confirm it will work with USB 1.1 though. It should, they are meant to be backwards compatible. Choice have some others that might do as well.
It MUST be Win 98SE though if its just Win98 as far as I know it will not work.

  jonmac 23:36 15 Feb 2007

Never thought to verify whether it is SE. I'll do so tomorrow and take it from there.
Thanks all.

  ed-0 23:43 15 Feb 2007

Win98se drivers for a sandisk usb pen click here Try it yours on your friends lappy.

hi woodchip

  woodchip 23:45 15 Feb 2007

Hi ed-0

Was thinking of a trip out tommorow but don't think there is enough sun arround

  ed-0 23:49 15 Feb 2007

been to York all day.

A bit chilly but fine.:-) Really enjoyed it.

I have to go to Immingham and Hull tomorrow:-(

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