Pegasus mail as 2nd e/m client.

  J. I. 11:28 13 Oct 2006

My present e/m address is with O.E. I want to set up P/Mail as a 2nd e/m client while still retaining O.E. My prob not sure how to set up following in P/Mail
1.My internet e/m address(Not sure which one I use)
2.Receiving POP3(Same as O.E i assume)
3. Sending SMTP( as in 2.)
4. User name( Not sure if this should be same as in O.E.)
5. Password(As in 4. above)
Once I have P/Mail confiqed correctly then I quees it then has to be linked to my present ISP through O.E.
If anyone has the knowledge to quide me through the proceedures, I will be ever so grateful. I have spent so much time myself, also phone calls to ISP without any success so for

  Diodorus Siculus 12:00 13 Oct 2006

Do you want to run the two clients for the same email address or 2 seperate addresses?

If the same address, then the details will be as in OE.

Can you explain again what you want to achieve.

  J. I. 17:52 13 Oct 2006

Hi Diodorus. Thanks for your reply. I want to run 2 clients for 2 seperate addresses. At the moment I only have 1 e/mail address with O/Express. Forgot to mention my comp is XP Home with service packs 1&2

  Diodorus Siculus 17:57 13 Oct 2006


Who is your ISP? Does it offer you more than one address? Or doyou have a second address you want to use? If so, who is it with?

You know it is also possible to run more than one address with OE if you so wish.

Mind you, I am a fan of Pegasus so would encourage you to use it.

  J. I. 18:34 13 Oct 2006

Hi Diodorus. Pleased you are fan of Pegasus. It looks a very good e/mail client to me and Im very keen to use it. My ISP is WANADOO. I SAY WANADOO although they have since been taken over by ORANGE. I believe its poss to have more than one e/mail address with them. If I obtain a 2nd address from WANADOO do I use this address in PEGASUS. If so do my settings remain the same as in my 1st e/mail address. How do I then make PEGASUS the default client for this address

  Diodorus Siculus 19:00 13 Oct 2006

click here+(part+1)&resultType=5002#Goto240

This gives some guidelines.

Anyway, with Orange/Wanadoo/Freeserve you can have multiple email addresses in the form of

[email protected]

[email protected]

and so forth.

When setting up Pegasus put

# enter Incoming mail (pop3) as
# enter Outgoing mail (smtp) as


[email protected]

And put in the password.

That should do it I think...

  Diodorus Siculus 19:01 13 Oct 2006

click here for the link that broke above

  J. I. 19:11 13 Oct 2006

Hi Diodorus. Many thanks for the in depth info you sent me. Forgive me but will not be able to carry out this evening. Will give it a bash over the weekend and let you know how I get on. Until then, many thanks

  J. I. 16:50 15 Oct 2006

Have spent most of today trying to sort out wanadoo, orange, and mail message rules. Have given up because the two conflict with one another, ie. u/name in wanadoo is the part after the @, where as in orange it is the full e/mail address required. Also mail message rules on orange website bear no resemblance to the wording in o/express, so becomes trial and error game. Have given up until wanadoo/orange sort themselves out. Decided to keep the one e/mail address I have with wanadoo. I have entered the same info in pegasus as I have in wanadoo. Pegasus will sent to o/ex, it will not send to itself or my web mail address, Also neither o/ex or my web mail will send to pegasus. Would appreciate it if you can tell me where I may be going wrong. There must be something else I need to do to lock the systems together. Im suffering long but determined to have this great mail client on my comp.

  J. I. 11:01 17 Oct 2006

Hi Diodorus. Opologies for not getting back earlier. Not my fault. Phoned Orange, it appears the LLU at my local exchange went down. Stands for Local Loop Unbundling--whatever that means. So no conn to internet. They have finally sorted things out. Can now tell you Pegasus up and running. Thank you for your invaluable help in making this possible
Regards J.I

  Diodorus Siculus 02:35 18 Oct 2006

Good that Pegasus works for you; it's a good client but not always the most intuitive.


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