Peer to Peer Sharing.......Sort this out.

  Slackalice 00:18 10 May 2003

My Nine year old came home from school the other day....Dad can you download a song for me? What I ask? Well you can get free music on the Internet with Kasa, (deliberate spelling) Yes son I believe you can, who told you? My mate say's so, he has all the latest stuff, can you get my song for me? It's called blah, blah, blah.
Followed by 20 mins of Internet bible from me explaining the bad bit's of the wired world.

Where do I get his song from? Is anyone out there in PCA who will let me have a copy of the above? You can have my Joseph Locke "Hear my Song" if you need it, or a Photo of my Auntie Alice at 70 with 2 gin's too many... there must be an easier way to sort this lot out, Trojans, Virus's and bloody spam, I'm sick of it, I feel stressed on the computer these days, 5 spam e-mails a day asking me if I want a larger appendage, win a fortune. Enter this, that and the other comp, I just want the computer to help guide and inform, because I love to learn and I love to learn my Children, but it's getting harder to negotiate the Internet now, Hackers, spyware and God knows what are out there.

I will get his song for him by using the good old local Music Library and I will carry on with our forum, because it is here to help and I espouse it, (can PCA fileshare amongst ourselves)?


  woodchip 00:29 10 May 2003

As you said, who needs more spam and rubbish that's what Kazzaa serves on a platter

  monkeyshine 00:37 10 May 2003

Sorry, can't help, never heard of blah, blah, blah, who's it by?

  Tesman 08:20 10 May 2003

Iggy Pop, if I remember correctly....?

  -pops- 08:24 10 May 2003

If your son's mate has all the latest stuff, get him to download blah, blah, blah

  Andsome 08:37 10 May 2003

Just explain the problems to him and tell him NO. No disrespect but so few kids now seem to know what NO means.

  Brian-336451 08:46 10 May 2003

Want a larger appendage - I mean. I thought my wife had blabbed when I first received these, now I'm relieved to find out that its not just me that's inadequate!!!

Reminds me of the old joke: 'Who are you going to please with THAT?'

Answer: 'ME!'

If you have a decent virus checker you can surf with confidence. I use Norton Internet Security 2003 and IT sorts everything out - just keep it updated. Its worth a few quid for peace-of-mind.

  -pops- 08:51 10 May 2003

I'm not sure how Mr May's post here matches with the problem at hand.

Be that as it may, however decent your virus checker is, it will not prevent spam, which is what he is commenting about.

  Brian-336451 13:08 10 May 2003

If you install Internet Security 2003 with the Parental bit, included is an option to inhibit pop ups and adverts, plus a spam filter.

Perhaps I wasn't explicit enough, too busy chuckling about the 'increased appendage' I'm afraid. Also, I had just flown an aircraft across the Atlantic and am a bit jaded.

Slackalice - humour aside - that advice still stands.

Pops - I'm obviously stuck in a senior moment!

Hope that clears it up.

Regards Brian

  -pops- 13:15 10 May 2003

Senior moments are permanent with me!!


  DieSse 18:36 10 May 2003

You do it the "old-fashioned" way - buy the CD/record/cassette - or you download it from a legitimate music site that sells you the song.

Am I missing something here??

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