Pedicted hard disc failure?

  xclr8r 12:14 18 Nov 2007

Hi guys,

I wonder if any body can help me with a problem I have on the family laptop. It was about four months ago I started getting a message when I booted up. A black screen would come up and display a message. "Predicted failure on hard disc 2 ST....., please back up your data and replace the hard disc". As a precaution, I wennt to pc world and bought a portable hard drive and backed up on to that. The message is displaying every time I boot up but the laptop is working fine. It is a Celeron420 1.6 ghz with 1gb of ram, running windows xp service pack 2.
Is there any maintenance I can do to find out what is causing this message? As I thought that it would of failed by now.
Any advice appreciatted, thanks.

  Totally-braindead 12:18 18 Nov 2007

It sounds like a S.M.A.R.T warning which is a thing in the BIOS which checks hard disks and warns of potential problems. I don't know if theres any way of telling exactly what it sees as the problem.
If you know the make of the hard disk you could go to the hard disk manufacturers website and download diagnostic tools which might give you some insight.
Its a warning, I've seen it on a PC and 2 years later the hard drive is still working perfectly, on the other hand I saw it on one and the drive failed 3 weeks later. I don't think its 100% but its sensible not to ignore it just in case.

  xclr8r 12:28 18 Nov 2007

Thanks Totally-braindead, it's a ST98823AS. a quick search on google, showed it as a Seagate drive 80Gb which ties in with what it says in device manager. I will have a look on their site and see what comes up.
A major problem I will have is what to do, if it does indeed fail. I have bought a portable drive and backed up but am unsure how to install and get it back up and running.

  Totally-braindead 12:31 18 Nov 2007

Heres the Seagate stuff click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:52 18 Nov 2007

If your getting messages from your drive then

1. backup your important stuff to another drive (not another partion on the same dive) / CD / DVD / USB stick.

2. Run the manufacturesr diagnostics

3. replace the drive if you want to be sure your machine will keep running.

All the info on SMART monitoring click here

  xclr8r 16:13 18 Nov 2007

Thanks Fruit bat. I have been trying to run the diagnostics all afternoon but am having problems getting onto the computer. It says it requires a download of Microsoft .Net Framework 2. I have tried to download it but it only gets so far then gives me a warning message.
Error 20515. Failed to install assembly 'C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\V 2.0.50727\Microsoft.Visualbasic Vsa.dll. Because of system error 0x080131107.

I have no idea what all that means and have uninstalled version 1.1, but it just will not let me install version 2.0.
I am stuck!

  woodchip 16:19 18 Nov 2007

Get Acronis True Image and make a Image of the old drive onto the new one. You can reload this Image in about 15 to 30 minutes everything back working on a New Drive.
PS it's a good Idea to keep the External drive just for this purpose

  xclr8r 18:02 18 Nov 2007

Thanks Woodchip, I can't understand why it won't allow me to install .Net Framework ver 2.0. As this is holding me back from running the Seagate utility, I can't determine if there is a genuine fault on the drive.

  xclr8r 22:08 19 Nov 2007

Right guys,

I have installed the .Net Framework Ver 2.0 after a lot of trying by using this link: click here

I will now run the Seatools utility to see if there is a problem with the hard drive. The info above may help anybody with a problem regarding the .Net Framework issues I have been encountering.

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