PDFs and GIFs

  ArrGee 11:14 21 Mar 2007

I am currently laying out a magazine page in InDesign, which will be output to PDF for our readers.

An advertiser has sent me an animated GIF advert to place in the magazine. Is there anyway I can do this?

  silverous 11:34 21 Mar 2007

ArrGee, how are you going to have it animated on the magazine ? ;-)

Do you just want to capture a single frame of it?

What happens when you put it in indesign?

I would expect an application like that to cope with it somehow - maybe just showing the first frame of the animation.

  ArrGee 11:46 21 Mar 2007

In InDesign it just appears as a static image. The advert is made up of two frames which I would like to have as animated in the PDF.

This is a bit more of a complex version of what I am looking to do as this has several frames animated (click on the box in the centre of the page).

click here

  silverous 12:03 21 Mar 2007

Why would you want it animated when its ultimate destination is print?

I didn't know you could have animated gifs with pdfs but from that example (assuming it was an animated gif) you clearly can!

  Simsy 16:02 21 Mar 2007

at the bottom of that pdf, it tells you that it's a javascript animation...

I wonder if that helps?



  ArrGee 16:52 21 Mar 2007

We publish this magazine in PDF format only, but that will lead onto another topic altogether! Producing an interactive PDF with the ability to print without loss of information (big task ahead)

Thanks for pointing that out. It is a help in some ways, but Java and me are like oil and water at the moment. Need to put my 'learning' hat on (again).

  RickyC :-) 17:02 21 Mar 2007

I produce the interface for PC Advisor, Macworld and Digit magazine cover discs as interactive PDFs. These contain embedded QuickTime movies and links to run applications and open websites.

I've looked into embedding GIFs into a PDF, as we have advertisers who are interested in running animated banner adverts on the CD interface. So far we've had to settle with static jpegs as banners, as it doesn't seem possible at the moment.

One way would be to create a QT movie from a GIF. When you embed this QT file you can set it to run continuously. That might provide the effect you're looking for.


Cover Disc Editor

  ArrGee 17:40 21 Mar 2007

Thanks for that. From my understanding, you can only embed in WMP, Realplayer or QT (as you mentioned) formats which also bloats the size of the PDF.

The main problem is that if I embed a GIF in any of these formats, a good deals of our subscibers would simply not bother to install any related add-ons to enable viewing.

My subscribers are basically the CEOs, MDs etc of the top FTSE500 companies. So I would like to have a straight-forward delivery in a single PDF format.

More and more of my advertisers are sending in copy in the form of a GIF, which I have to (reluctantly) turn down as I cannot find a way to incorporate an animated GIF into the final PDF publication.

I am not sure how a subscriber to the magazine would feel if I were to send a QT adapted GIF within the PDF.

  RickyC :-) 17:49 21 Mar 2007

I've asked Digit magazine's (click here) Deputy Editor to ask the Adobe InDesign Product Manager about this (I'm keen to know as well!), so will post back with any news..

  ArrGee 17:54 21 Mar 2007

Fantastic. I look forward to hearing anything you can help out on (for both of us). In the meantime, would you like a free sub to my mag?

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