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  daisy2bell 11:11 12 Sep 2006

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but here goes (FE delete this if it contravenes forum policy)

I need a PDF writer, that will allow me to set a date for the file to self destruct, or to self destruct after a pre determined amount of prints.

I am asking if anyone has one, and doesn't need it any more and would be willing to sell it to me. I do not want pirate copies, only an original please.

  ArrGee 12:28 12 Sep 2006

Not that I have it, but is this the kind of thing you are looking for?
click here

  ArrGee 12:39 12 Sep 2006

Have a look at the specs on this free application:
click here

  €dstowe 14:17 12 Sep 2006

I don't see the point of this.

Anyone who want to do so can over-ride any self-destruct message or mechanism quite easily so you may as well not even try.

One way to over-ride is to convert the file to another format - even if you have to print it out and then scan as a graphic it has overcome any protection that you have tried to put on it.

  ArrGee 15:25 12 Sep 2006

Absolutely correct, however you have to be a wee bit 'tech-savy' to perform what you have stated. This is very much unlike the vast majority of subscribers to my own monthly PDF based publication. If even up to 10% of my 3000 subscribers were savy enough to do this, it would not matter.

That's probably the reason why 'FileOpen' charges nearly £1,500 for just a one year licence.

  €dstowe 16:56 12 Sep 2006

OK, I accept that but, by the same thought string, people who wouldn't want to copy/read/download the file after a certain time wouldn't bother anyway. Those that did would find the means to get round the problem - and that is easy, I've outlined one method already.

  daisy2bell 20:15 12 Sep 2006

Thanks guys.
ArrGee, I have gone for the PDF Ownerguard. I'll play around a bit and see if its what I need.
Judging their writeup, it seems to do what I would want from it.

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