is pdf something you buy?

  joeydee 22:46 11 Mar 2014

I'm thinking of buying some DTP software (Page plus x7) for creating flyers. It says that it imports and exports pdf files which I will need to send the work to the printers. Is PDF something I buy or is it something that comes with the software when it says it imports and exports pdf. Hope this is clear and not a silly question.

  Nontek 22:52 11 Mar 2014

PDF stands for Portable Document Format - I have never used Page Plus but Yes if it says it Imports/Exports PDF files then that is exactly what I would expect it to do.

  joeydee 23:10 11 Mar 2014

Ok Thanks. So no other software required? This is my concern, as I downloaded the page plus starter for free and realised it's not much good unless I buy the whole software, which the reviews says is good DTP, buts it's all new me.

  wee eddie 23:23 11 Mar 2014

joeydee: a PDF is a file that is unalterable.

Your Printer will print exactly what you give him, in the PDF, so you will have to get it exactly as you want it. No second thoughts and alterations,

  Nontek 07:42 12 Mar 2014

PagePlus also has the ability to view, create, edit and publish PDF files.

wee eddie the quote above is from an article in Wickpedia!
PDF files are editable with the right software.

  BT 08:09 12 Mar 2014

There's an awful lot of information on the Serif website including a forum and tutorials.

Here's some links to info about PDFs

PDF info
even more PDF info

Serif are very helpful if you give them a call, just don't get drawn into buying extra stuff.

  Woolwell 10:16 12 Mar 2014

I have been using the various different versions of PagePlus for about 15 years. I am now on PagePlus X7 which I use to produce booklets (sometime up to 90 pages and 2000 copies), flyers, notices, etc. Printers will normally only accept pdf files and they will use their own professional program for print. PagePlus exports well to pdf either in print format or for web use or email (no other software required). For booklets you have to make sure that you "impose pages" so that the correct lay out is given to the printers. Just received 250 copies of a 44 page booklet back from the printer.

To correct what wee eddie has stated unless you have protected the pdf file then it can be edited by the printer. I normally do not protect it as it can be useful for the printer to make minor adjustments if I have made a mistake. You can ask for a proof before the full print run.

Colours for printing are CMYK and not the RGB of a monitor. Colours can look slightly different on the print but PagePlus will let you select CMYK and generally what I see on my monitor (which has good colours) is what I get.

PagePlus does open pdf files with varying degrees of success. Those created by PagePlus are fine but sometimes it doesn't cope well with others. It will import Word, etc. IMO tables and Excel import is a weak feature of PagePlus. I also consider it to be far superior to MS Publisher.

Hope that helps.

  wee eddie 10:18 12 Mar 2014

Dear Nontek: It is also possible to go to the bottom of the Mariannas Trench, "with the right equipment".

The whole point of sending you design to a Printer as a file.pdf is so the he/she will print it exactly as you have created it.

Of course he could alter it, with the right equipment, but it's unlikely to be worth his while as he would then not get paid for the job.

  wee eddie 10:25 12 Mar 2014

Woolwell: well said.

If we all wrote replies that were as well explained as yours, there'd be lots of happy punters out there. Particularly as joeydee is obviously a beginner in this field

  Woolwell 10:37 12 Mar 2014

wee eddie - Thank you. I use PagePlus almost on a daily basis.

To add to sending material to a printer. It pays to build up a relationship with a printer. I have had them make suggestions about bleed areas (normally not a problem with PagePlus as it shows you where you should not stray) but more importantly about colours and contrast and what looks good together.

Avoid too many fancy fonts in your flyer, keep a good contrast and keep in mind people who have sight problems. You don't want your flyer going unread. One of the booklets I produce has adverts and I produce them for advertisers sometimes correcting ones that they have paid to have done elsewhere because basic rules have been ignored. Keep it simple.

  Woolwell 10:40 12 Mar 2014

Forgot to add the PagePlus includes a pre-flight check before a pdf file is created. The most common thing that it picks up is that I have used a photo with a resolution suitable for web rather than print. This is easily corrected using PagePlus.

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