PDF Software to Merge, Split, Re-arrange pages

  Jeecie 12:46 31 Oct 2008

I've used a few free Freeware / Shareware applications to generate PDF files in the past & still do - they are really handy.

Can anyone recommend (from experience of one that works well is what I'm looking for really - I know there will be 100s of apps out there if i were to Google for them ) a tool / application that I can download to merge, spilt, and re-arrange the order of pages within PDF files please?

Freeware / Shareware is naturally preferred (to save me money ), but if something is particualry good & reliable I'd consider products costing up to £15 GBP.

P.S. I'm using Windows XP Home Edition at home & Pro at work.
I'd be using the software at both. At home I'm using a copy of Visagesoft's eXPert PDF v2 (I got from a Computer magazine CD), & at work PrimoPDF (free to download) to make my PDF files.. eXPert PDF is easier to use in my opinion... but at work I have no choice - I have to sue what I'm given by IT!

  Clapton is God 13:49 31 Oct 2008

"I have to sue what I'm given by IT!"

Why? Is it that bad??

  Simsy 16:33 31 Oct 2008

can be used to achieve what you want.

It's a virtual printer, to create pdfs, but unlike many, you can combine print jobs...

So, for example;

You have an 8 page pdf, and you want to a "new" pdf that consists of pages 5,3,7 and 1, in that order...

You open the pdf in your normal reader, and print page 5 to pdfFactory, then you print page 3 to pdf Factory... etc...

Then, when you done them all you save the pdf that pdfFactory makes.

You can download a trial that works. Until you pay/register it there will be a small strapline on the bottom of each page, "made with pdfFactory".

If you want to buy it I can't remember the exact price now as I have upgraded over the years at a bonus price... I think it is more than your budget of £15, but I don't think by much... and if you can live with the strapline then it's free!

They also do an EXCELLENT virtual printer called "Fineprint". I discoverd this on a coverdisc about 8 years ago, and it's absolutely brilliant for combining print job together. It's trial works on a similar basis. Have a look.

click here



  howard64 17:45 31 Oct 2008

serif pageplus can handle pdfs certainly the latest ones. Try their free downloads of the older ones they may work.

  Pesala 17:51 31 Oct 2008

Will do what you want I think. You can try the free version — Pro features add a watermark stamp to saved files. Pro version is currently $24

My Review: click here

Feature Chart: click here

  Pesala 17:58 31 Oct 2008

Beta build 40 click here greatly improves print speed, so try that if printing is important to you. Older versions were slow on large documents.

Drag and drop of pages in the Page Thumbnail pane makes it really easy to rearrange pages.

Annotation features are powerful, and the interface is very customisable.

  bretsky 18:06 31 Oct 2008

"a tool / application that I can download to merge, spilt, and re-arrange the order of pages within PDF files please"

I use the pro version of click here which will cost you approx £13 GBP and well worth the money.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 18:07 31 Oct 2008

You beat me to it, doh......

  Jeecie 22:02 31 Oct 2008

Cheers everyone - I will check these out :)

Clapton is God...
[QUOTE]"I have to sue what I'm given by IT!"
Why? Is it that bad??[UNQUOTE]

Whoops my typo should say "use" ;)
The PrimoPDF is provided for us on my work PC - they lock out anything else from being installed.

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