pdf reader (foxit) not working, help please!!

  gazmix 22:37 18 Dec 2009

All was ok, then i opened a map/menu etc using foxit reader & a blank page!
I uninstalled & reinstalled foxit & got a error message that i don't seem to get now & still no pdf images!
Can anyone help please?

  gazmix 23:31 18 Dec 2009

when i click on a menu or timetable etc that opens in pdf, i just get a blank page!
I have deleted foxit from add/remove programmes & to an extent with Revo uninstaller, but when it started asking me if i wanted to delete registry stuff, i got worried!, so i turned back!

This happened out of blue! Can anyone help please!

  rdave13 07:57 19 Dec 2009

With Revo you need to let the program uninstall in moderate settings. That should be good enough. Let it run Foxit's own uninstaller then when it comes to deleting registry keys select ONLY the highlighted ones. Sometimes will need to expand the tree to find more to delete. Select next and to delete folders select all and delete. That should be it.
If you don't want to do that then use system restore to when it was working.
If you don't want to do that either then try the freebie I use called PDF-XChange viewer; click here

  gazmix 13:48 19 Dec 2009

Ok, in Rev > moderate settings, when it goes to Reg keys to delete, i only check the 'bold' boxes yeh?, there are boxes at the top of the tree with C:\ next to them!

If i expand the tree, do i still just delete 'bold' ones?

I installed an older version, version 2.0 & that works, but would kinda like remnants of the latest one gone!

Could i do a search using start menu, delete all it finds & reinstall?, would that work?

  rdave13 16:41 19 Dec 2009

Revo will show the amount to be removed. Only remove the keys in BOLD. Now you have installed an older version that works it would be difficult to know what to remove with start/search.
Is there an update link within the older version of Foxit you could try? I don't use Foxit so maybe someone could advise.

  gazmix 20:26 19 Dec 2009

Could i just remove everything to do with Foxit & start a fresh?

  rdave13 20:37 19 Dec 2009

As you have a perfectly good PDF reader, and that is all you need, then why persist?
If you want to go for start/search and delete all you find then have a go.
If it goes tits up then you'll have to learn how to undo it.
Hey-Ho and good luck :)

  gazmix 00:27 20 Dec 2009

what can go tits up??
Won't start/search etc find all remnants of any of the previous version & i can delete that, delete all so my pc don't know what Foxit is, & then just install the old version that works!! ?

  rdave13 00:42 20 Dec 2009

The reason that programs come with their own uninstaller is there for a reason. If you do not uninstall a program, and clean the registry enough, then you will not be able to re-install them because of registry 'damage' for want of a better word.
You cannot install the latest Foxit reader for same reason.
Could well be that the uninstall registry keys have become corrupt leaving you without the option of re-installing.

"what can go tits up??" ?
Who knows, maybe you won't be able to install any older versions or you might be able to install the latest version.
Take the bull by the horns and make your own decision and live by it.

  gazmix 00:46 20 Dec 2009

so best to use revo & delete the corrupt registry keys then?
Thats why i'm asking here cos i don't know, it is called helproom isn't it?

  rdave13 00:56 20 Dec 2009

Yes it is. I'm sorry if I sound a bit curse but you stated you installed an earlier version of Foxit and it was working. That earlier version reads PDF documents?

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