PDF /Quark Xpress/Publisher problem

  palinka 18:17 03 Feb 2010

I edit a small church magazine, using MS Publisher.
One of our advertisers has sent me a new advert (as a PDF) it's designed in Quark.
Publisher doesn't recognise it/can't handle it.
Advice , please.
Is the simplest solution to ask him to re-send NOT as a pdf? But would Publisher be able to deal with it then?

  Woolwell 19:32 03 Feb 2010

You can insert a pdf file as an object in Publisher 2003/2007. Insert > Object > Create from File > and browse to your PDF.
You can then resize it and position it as an ad.

Do you want to edit the ad?

  palinka 19:44 03 Feb 2010

Thanks for that Woolwell. Unfortunately I'm still using Publisher 2000 - I should have said - but I'll see if it will perform in same way. The only editing needed will be the correction of a spelling , and re-sizing, but Publisher will cope with the re-sizing if I can get it to recognise the thing in the first place.

  Woolwell 21:52 03 Feb 2010

I am not familiar with QuarkXpress but suspect that pdf may be the only way he can send it in a format you can read. You could try a pdf converter but run the risk of losing formatting.

  Woolwell 23:00 03 Feb 2010

You can insert an eps file in Pub 2003 and 2007 using a graphics filter but whether Pub 2000 will support this I am not sure. Worth a try.

  palinka 12:05 04 Feb 2010

I've tried Woolwell's first instructions, but it doesn't work with Pub2000.
Lazarus The 2nd , thanks for your suggestion - I'll try that.

  Woolwell 12:22 04 Feb 2010

Publisher 2000 is of course quite an old program now. It may be time to upgrade or perhaps move to Serif PagePlus which I find is better and handles pdf quite well. You can get some of the older versions of PagePlus quite reasonably.

  palinka 15:38 04 Feb 2010

thanks Woolwell ; point taken; it's just laziness on my part really: for the sake of two A3 pages once a month (and a job that I might be able to hand over to someone else later this year).......... But you're right! Maybe I will bite the bullet - and I have access to a copy of PagePlus.
Meanwhile i've sent a mesage to the advertiser explaining the situation and I'm waiting for him to respond.

  palinka 10:53 07 Feb 2010

Advertiser has now sent in new format and all is OK.
Maybe I will switch to PagePlus - but not yet.

Thanks everyone

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