PDF problems and converting to word

  Jade 14 G 14:43 22 Nov 2006

I very rearly use PDF files as it hangs my pc and only way to get pc back is to use task launcher l think its caled but l know the only way to get PDF is to close it down so l try to avoid the files or downloads.
I teach online and my file's are in word and l am gtting more and more students from the us that don't use word and want PDF files.
Have been told that you can now convert word to PDF but am not sure what to do as it messes my pc up now but am losing out on cash if l don't.
What is your advise

  Jade 14 G 14:45 22 Nov 2006

I forgot to say if anyone replies l have to go out till 8 tonight so don't think l am not taking any notice of your help. Am adding this as got told off once by a member for not answering straight away.

  wee eddie 15:24 22 Nov 2006

The advantage of PDFs, as a way of sending information, is that they cannot be altered

  Technotiger 15:37 22 Nov 2006

Hi, for business purposes I would thoroughly recommend this - I use it to read/edit my son's sports magazine....click here

click here

  T0SH 16:12 22 Nov 2006

Foxit software have a range of software for PDF files (I use the free for personal use PDF reader it is very compact and fast to use) their pro packages are pay for though

check it out here click here

Cheers HC

  €dstowe 16:24 22 Nov 2006

There is something amiss with your computer if it will not deal with PDF files.

It would be best to get this remedied rather than avoiding the problem as you are doing - you may find other things not working the way they should.

  Jade 14 G 19:45 22 Nov 2006

how does a link to your magazine in LANSAROTE help me sort out pd files,

  Technotiger 19:48 22 Nov 2006

Hi, that was just an example - and a boast from a proud Dad. My second Click-here was intended to help you.


  Jade 14 G 19:59 22 Nov 2006

Sorry l clicked the first link like most would do but thanks for the second link,

  Technotiger 20:03 22 Nov 2006

Me again - yes, I quessed that might happen when I posted my response, but not until I had clicked on Post Response - too late then to change it.

Anyway, I repeat, PDF Converter Pro really is well worth the outlay.


  Simsy 20:05 22 Nov 2006

on what exactly your asking for...

You say; "more and more students from the us that don't use word and want PDF files."...

Are you looking to provide pdf files to your students? If so, there are a number of free .pdf creators, such as cutepdf, pdf995 which you should find easily on the internet.

When installed the appear as a "printer", so you just "print" the document and choose the relevant "printer" from the list, and then save the result.

Alternatively, OpenOffice, (click here), can save files as pdf documents. The word processor is very good and opens Word documents easily.

(Though I have MS Office 2000 and use Excel a lot, I actually prefer the OpenOffice Word processor to "Word").

If you're having problems opening .pdf files I'd first suggest re-installing Acrobat reader, and if that doesn't work use Foxit, as suggested by TOSH.

Hope this helps,



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