pdf link not working?

  p;3 12:15 16 Dec 2006

is anyone able to open this adobe pdf file; it refuses to do so for me, although my files on my pc will open

click here

I am told I am 'performing an illegal operation'?

it is not vital but I am wondering if it is me or the link that is at fault


  VoG II 12:16 16 Dec 2006

Opens for me.

  dogbreath1 12:16 16 Dec 2006

It opens fine for me.

  p;3 12:23 16 Dec 2006

I"ve tried it several times and it aintahavin none of it here; maybe \i need to reboot; however, another link HAS opened ok;very odd:((

  anskyber 12:33 16 Dec 2006

OK here too.

  anskyber 12:33 16 Dec 2006

Try using another program. click here

  p;3 16:34 16 Dec 2006

still will not allow me to open it;;but never mind eh!!

  p;3 15:00 17 Dec 2006

I am still completely unable to open this link; however, I have been sent it privately so all is not lost; it is all towards a project I am involved with; I am still puzzled as to why the link will not open as others I have linked to since have all opened with no problems!
so; not resolved but is;such is life

  anskyber 15:03 17 Dec 2006

Have you tried another sender? If you pm me I'll send it to you.

  p;3 15:09 17 Dec 2006

I"ve been sent the file already privately thanks; just most annoying and curious that that link wont work for me,whereas all other links of pdf I have clicked on HAVE!! hopefully "just one of those things of life"s mysteries"

  skeletal 15:31 17 Dec 2006

Try manually going on to the site's home page and moving forward from there. It may be that the site itself, or some of its pages, has been deemed "illegal" by your browser for some reason.


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