Pdf fle on line with my serial number on show

  mymate 10:12 08 Jan 2007

This Grundig media player i bought,a lot of people kept asking" does it do this and that" so i uploaded the Pdf manual and put it on the web site,with Mail big file.I had to put it on 2 times as it had so many hits it went in 2 hours.
Some guy, then put it on the website again,but it always there.i have no problem with that,but its my copy of the manual with my first name and serial number coming up on it. is that a problem ? i just dont want everyone to see the serial number.
The link has been viewed over 14,000 times !
Am i worrying about nothing ? or can i email him and get him to edit my name and serial off.
Thanks very much

  rosierd 10:16 08 Jan 2007

Well its really up to the person who is hosting the file, if they are nice enough then they should take it down, if not then there is not much you can do

  mymate 10:28 08 Jan 2007

I think he would take it off,but i just wondered if he could edit my name and serial number out.
I don't have a problem at all with it being on line ,its just my name and serial number i don't want half the world to see !

  rosierd 10:30 08 Jan 2007

Well most softwares nowaday allow one registered serial and then the serial nonetheless becomes invalid to anyone else who uses it, this usually requires online registration, i hope it is registered for your sake, (the next time you come to install you enter the login credentials you registered with)

  mymate 10:34 08 Jan 2007

Hi rosierd.Yes i registered it .Its Adobe Acrobat 6.o Me Pro. I leave it as it is then.
Thanks very much

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