PDF files over network - "access denied"

  hexane 21:55 15 Jul 2006


I have a home network with 3 PCs and a router, all PCs running XP Home SP2, and various folders are shared so that they can be accessed by any of the machines.

Sometimes, PDFs that are saved to a shared folder cannot be accessed from the other 2 PCs - an "access denied" message comes up.

There is nothing obviously wrong with these PDFs (eg, they are not open on 2 machines at once, they are not read-only, they are in shared folders, they don't have unusual security settings, etc).

Only PDF files (but not all PDF files) are affected in this way - never any other file types.

Searching the internet, I see that quite a few people have reported this problem with PDFs but no solutions have been posted. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be?

The only work around I have found is go into Explore and to copy and paste each file back into the original folder - the copies can always be opened on the other machines allowing the originals to be deleted.

Any ideas welcomed.

Thanks, Roger

  ade.h 22:06 15 Jul 2006

I'm intrigued, as I have never seen or even heard of this particular issue before. IME, if no solutions can be found online, it's because the is no known fix as yet. I'll see if I can look into it though.

  Forum Editor 10:58 16 Jul 2006

and is quite common. On the machines which are giving the errors, are you logged in with admin rights?

  hexane 11:22 16 Jul 2006

Yes, I am logged in with admin rights on the machines giving the error messages.

  Forum Editor 11:32 16 Jul 2006

if you drag a PDF from a shared folder on one machine to a folder on a second machine?

  hexane 11:53 16 Jul 2006

It won't allow this (Access is denied).

In fact, when I first encountered this problem it was when using synchronisation software (Good Sync). I thought at first it was to do with Good Sync but I found that I couldn't open the files or drag them across. Also, other synchronisation software (ViceVersa) comes up with the same message.

Only PDFs are affected - but some PDFs are OK. And making a copy of an affected PDF has (to date) resolved the problem as far as the copy is concerned. However, to make the copy this has to be done on the machine holding the original.

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